Thursday, September 3, 2009

All about Alice

I have a story about our cat, Alice.  When we first brought her home, her name was Alice (spelled the traditional way).  Then, around her 2nd birthday, which made her a teenager in human years, my son came home with a paper from first grade.  It was a drawing of our cat and he had spelled her name A-L-I-S.  So, Alice decided that she wanted to change the spelling of her name to Alis (you know how teenagers are)! Well, recently my son decided that he wanted to change the spelling back to Alice and after discussing it with her, she agreed (after all, she is an adult now).  At least I don't have to change the name tag on her collar (I never had it changed after the first name change)...LOL!

(Of course, everyone knows that we changed her name and she really had nothing to do with it, but we're a crazy family....thus, this cute and bizarre little story)

More pics of our lovely Alice!

Alice approves of books and book bloggers!







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  1. That is a very cute story. Alice is a beautiful cat!

  2. I love the story of Alice, I mean Alis, I mean Alice!! lol :) She is just gorgeous!

  3. Black cats rock. Diva says meow to Alice.

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