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I am a true book addict...not true in the sense that I'm the only "true" book addict out there, but that I am 'true' to books!

Me...in not so many words:

Mom of two, avid reader, writer, book blogger, cat lover, owner of a massive library, Freethinker
My sister site is the horror blog, Castle Macabre.  My writing blog is hereI also have a Christmas blog, Christmas Spirit -Celebrating Yuletide All Year Long.  Check out all my other blogs in the sidebar, and my lovely cats, Alice and Arya. 

Guidelines for review copies:

I am no longer accepting review requests.

If you contact me regarding a review, even after reading this, I cannot guarantee that I will get back to you. 

(If I have worked with you previously, or I'm a regular participant with your tour company, this does not apply to you. Please send me an email and I might possibly be able to fit you in)

I appreciate each and every one of you and I thank you for your understanding!

FTC Disclosure:
See my disclosure statement at the bottom of the blog.  Thank you.
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