Monday, August 23, 2010


Steph over at Paper Cut Reviews posed this question and I thought it would be fun to answer it in a post!

I have a lot of favorite books, but I feel like a person's favorite book of all time should be one they have re-read many times.  I have read this book 4 times (although the 4th was listening to a less than stellar abridged audio version *frown*) and I know I will read it again someday.  So why do I love the third book in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles the most?  This is the book that tells the history and the origins of the vampires.  It takes us back to ancient Egypt and surrounding areas and explores ancient customs.  I think I love it for the historical details and it will always hold a special place because it was the first Anne Rice book I ever read.  Yes, I read the third book first!

Until I saw this movie, Excalibur was my favorite movie (it probably is still my second favorite).  Of course, I love any kind of historical epic movie, but something in the story of Scotland's 13th Century hero, William Wallace, really spoke to me.  I remember seeing the movie in the summer of 1995 and I was in awe.  I came out of the movie and said to my boyfriend (now my husband), "This movie should win an Academy Award!"  Ten months later (and it's almost unheard of for a movie released almost a year previously to win), Braveheart won FIVE Oscars, including best picture and best director! I was beyond thrilled! Well, that was 15 years ago and it still remains my favorite movie.  Despite what people may think of Mel Gibson (I do not judge...he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone), he is a brilliant director.  His film, Apocalypto, is another of my favorites.

So which book and movie are your favorites?


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  1. I enjoyed Queen of the Damned and Braveheart was soooo beautiful and heart breaking. Awesome choices!

  2. I just re-read this and must agree with your statement about Mel.

    You've left me wondering what my favorite film is. Honestly, I love so many I'm not sure I can choose.

  3. I know my favorite book is the stand, but I just can't single out a movie. I have too many favorites.

  4. The my favorite book question is always a tough one for me to answer because I like so many of them – but I guess I would have to say (today anyway) that my favorite is John Irving’s “A Prayer for Owen Meany.” I read it many years ago but I still have a clear picture of Owen in my head.

    Coming up with a favorite book was tough on my brain. I have to do more thinking to come up with a favorite movie.

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