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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
finished reading on July 9, 2010

My thoughts on the book:

Eclipse is my favorite book so far in the Twilight series.  Although the first one will always hold a special place in my heart (and New Moon is my least favorite because Edward is hardly in it), in my opinion, Eclipse really deals with raw emotion in a very tangible way.  Have you ever been involved in a love triangle?  I have (years ago...when I was a young chick) and it can get pretty intense.  Although mine was not nearly as intense as the one between Bella, Edward and Jacob! I read a review of the movie on another blog and she expressed the feeling that Jacob was a whiner.  I tend to agree with her...and in the book too.  Which makes things even more difficult for Bella.  Sorry Team Jacob! Anyway, why I think Eclipse is so great is that I felt the raw emotion viscerally.  Almost like I was Bella herself.  It was very real and made me think constantly, "How can you choose between your heart and your head?"  Because, ultimately, Edward has Bella's heart...he IS her heart...but she knows in her head that Jacob would probably be better for her.  The choice to me is simple.  When someone you love hurts you, you don't really feel it in your head, you feel it in your heart.  So what would be your choice?

Side note:  I am a great lover of all things historical so I loved the background stories of Jasper and Rosalee.  This was another reason why I loved this book so well!

My thoughts on the movie:

I liked the movie for pretty much the same reasons that I liked the book.  I enjoyed seeing the awkwardness of the love triangle on the big screen.  I think Kristen Stewart is the perfect Bella.  Pattinson and Lautner are great too ( I <3 Edward/Rob), but Stewart is just in her element in the films, especially this one.  I also really liked the other characters brought to the fore.  Jasper figures in a lot in this installment and, as a big fan of Jackson Rathbone too, I was thrilled.  I also enjoyed the action sequences.  I really thought Eclipse was well made and I can't wait for the two part movie of Breaking Dawn!

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  1. Great review. I'm such a mega Twihard :)

  2. Me too Juju! And not afraid to admit it!

    Thanks for stopping by =O).

  3. I am such a fan of this series. That said, I felt the opposite about this one. I had to stop reading. I think I was way too emotionally involved. Now that I've cooled off, I'll try again. Maybe not soon, but before the movie comes out.

  4. You're a big fan of historicals? Since when? ;)

    I liked the book, but to me the New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn just rehash Twilight but with a love triangle. A fun love triangle, but still.

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