Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well, I didn't get much reading done during the day on Friday, but my momentum picked up late Friday and now in the early morning hours of Saturday.  I have been reading Under the Dome by Stephen King and have made it to page 211 of 1074 pages.  I think I'm going to take a break from it for a time and start reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.  It's the large print version so a little easier on the eyes at this late (early) hour.  Don't know how long I'll last before falling asleep!

I'm going to step out for a few hours today to go to my monthly library sale and out to lunch with my mom.  She will be driving so I will take my book with me and read when I can.  I will have another update for you when I return tomorrow afternoon.

Officially, I have been reading for 17.5 hours (I started at 12 noon CT on Friday).  Of course, there were TONS of interruptions by my sons, fixing supper, eating supper, shower, etc. so I guess 211 pages isn't too shabby...considering!


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  1. I had so wanted to do this readathon but my oldest is moving this weekend and the weekend will be busy with moving things, painting furniture, runs to pick up things like an extra lock for their front door and motion detectors for their windows (yeah, it's a great neighborhood!). Good luck with the reading!

  2. I read The Stand by Stephen King in the last read-a-thon I did and found he was quite a good writer to read during these things. I can understand you needing a break though

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