Saturday, August 21, 2010


There's a lot going on here and in the real life of The True Book Addict so I thought I would do an update post! 
  • First of all, I watched the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other night.  WOW! What a great movie.  I kept thinking, "If the movie is this good, the book must be awesome!"  I can't wait to read it.  Supposedly, David Fincher is doing the American version of the film.  The part of Lisbeth Salander is being played by an actress I'm not familiar with, but rumor has it that Daniel Craig will play Mikael Blomkvist.  I wonder if this version will be as good as the Swedish version?  I guess we'll see!
  • Most people who really know me know that Aerosmith is my favorite band.  They've been my favorite since third grade, I've seen them in concert 7 times (front row once), and I have their wings logo tattooed on my ankle (my first tattoo I got when I was 22).  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Steven Tyler (lead singer) will be taking Simon Cowell's place as a judge on American Idol! I am SO excited and now AI really will be must-see TV for me. =O)
  • I recently found out that I have capped out on my federal student loans for school so I will not be going back this fall.  I did get a Pell Grant, but it only covers half my tuition and I do not have the funds to pay the difference and I can't get a private student loan because of my credit.  At this point, I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back and finish my degree.  I've been pretty upset about it, but now I'm kind of taking it as a sign to really start focusing on writing my novel full-time.  I started a writing blog awhile back to post writing progress and updates called The Story Inside Me.  I'm hoping that blogging about my progress will help me to be accountable and to stay focused.  Kind of following J. Kaye's lead!
  • I have gotten so behind on my reading and reviewing.  Ever since I was hospitalized at the end of June and then recuperating at home throughout July, I have been behind.  I still have two books to review that I read in July (Virgin and the Crab and Angel Star) and one to review from last weekend's read-a-thon (Sense and Sensibility).  I also have 4-5 books to read for review.  There is a read-a-thon next week (From Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon) so that should help, but I decided that I'm going to host a read-a-thon of my own in September.  It's the Fall Catch-Up Read-A-Thon! This read-a-thon is for us to catch-up on our reading, whether it be review books, books for reading challenges, or even just to whittle down that TBR pile.  I'm having it the first week of Fall (Sept. 22 is the first day of Fall), Monday, Sept. 20 through Sunday, Sept. 26.  It will start on that Monday at 8 AM and end Sunday at 8 PM.  I made it a week long so that people that work weekends can participate and people that go to school or work through the week can participate on the weekend.  And, of course, feel free to participate all week long.  I'm going to have one giveaway which will be a participaton giveaway.  If you sign up at the read-a-thon starting line and participate in the read-a-thon, you will be eligible for the giveaway...that's it...easy as pie! I'm not sure what I'll be giving away yet, but I will announce it closer to the read-a-thon date.  If anyone else would like to host a giveaway during the read-a-thon, just let me know.  You can email me at  I will have an official post with sign-up and all posted very soon.  In the meantime, help me spread the word by grabbing the button.  I'm really looking forward to this and I hope you are too...I love read-a-thons!
Well, there's my news! Hope it wasn't too boring!


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  1. Sorry to here about you have to take a break from school. Hope you can find a way to get back sometime but in the meantime, sounds like you've got a great idea with the novel!

    I've written the readathon on the calendar and right now it looks like it will be a great week for me to do it. I do really need to get caught up on review books!

  2. Question about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...did it have subtitles?

    I'd heard rumors about Tyler, but nothing firm. I think he'll do a great job.

    Horrible news about your student loans. Super awesome news your writing though! Blogging has kept me accountable. :)

    I'd join you in the read-a-thon, but I did so poorly on the last one. I was totally bummed.

  3. So sorry to hear about school. :( Good luck with the writing though.

  4. I always say that things happen for a reason, but hang in there, you will be able to finish that degree at some point. As far as who is replacing Simon on American Idol, anyone I think would be an improvement. He knows his stuff but when a person gets so full of himself that there is not room for anyone else...time to get rid of them...

  5. I think the Hollywood version will be pushing it to be as good as the Swedish version. The book is awesome as well.

    I hope that this issue with your student loans is something that turns out to be a door opening to a new opportunity.

    There seems to be new readathons all the time. I find it hard to keep up with them all. Good luck with yours!

  6. -I can't wait to try that movie.

    -I heard! SO cool! I love him. I have a lingering 80s crush on him ;)

    -Keep the faith!


  7. Hi, Michelle

    That's awful news about your student loans. I hope that you'll find a way to continue in the near future. Finishing your novel is a wonderful alternative and I hope it proves rewarding.

  8. Sorry about school but I bet you will find a way to get it worked out. It just might take longer than you'd like.

    I need to put Dragon on my netflix queue. I was going to watch it streaming but the sound isn't loud enough

  9. I am REALLY sorry that I did not post your Read-A-Thon for you at A Novel Challenge - blogger went crazy and dumped almost 30 comments into a moderation file that I JUST TODAY discovered (they never notified me about comments in moderation). I know now to check frequently, so if you have other reading events or challenges, please drop by again!

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