Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Auto-Buy Authors

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(Note: I generally do not buy books when they first come out, but these are the authors whose books I will buy no matter what; also, I didn't list any classics authors because it's a given that I buy classics)

  1. Anne Rice - Of course! She has been my favorite author since my late teens. Although there is another author on the list that I've been reading longer (see #2), Anne will always be my favorite. Even though I still haven't made it through all of her titles (though I have reread Vampire Chronicles book 1 - 4 and Queen of the Damned, Book 3, four times!), I love her work and I think she is an awesome human being. Just join her page on Facebook and see how she interacts with her fans. You'll see that she is truly wonderful.
  2. Stephen King - Another no-brainer! Anyone who knows me, knows I love him. I mean, I've been reading him since I was in junior high. In fact, I'm reading him now (The Shining and Book 4 of the Dark Tower series, The Waste Lands). I've always enjoyed being scared and Stephen King knows just how to scare us. It's not always obvious and then sometimes it is, but either way, he is the master of scary, in my opinion. (Check out my perpetual Stephen King reading challenge HERE)
  3. Terry Brooks - I fell in love with this fantasy author's writing with the Magic Kingdom of Landover series. Of course, he also wrote the Shannara series, of which I've only read the first book, but I have almost the entire series and I will continue to look for the rest, as well as buying anything new he has to offer.
  4. J.K. Rowling - I will probably buy anything she writes. I haven't purchased The Casual Vacancy yet, but give me time. I'm just loyal to an author who could create the incredible world of Harry Potter. 
  5. Ken Follett - I'm not a fan of the genre Follett typically wrote in previously...basically espionage/war time thrillers. Then my library was recommending The Pillars of the Earth as their book club selection and I checked it out. My life was changed forever. It was incredible. I have since read World Without End, the second Kingsbridge cathedral book, and these remain two of my favorite historical novels. I own Fall of Giants and I will continue to auto-buy Follett, as long as he keeps writing in the historical genre.
  6. George R. R. Martin - Discovered in 2011 with A Game of Thrones (my favorite read that year), I now know that I will read anything he writes.
  7. Peter Straub - Another horror author who scared the crap out of me with Ghost Story. I have all of his books and will continue to buy his new ones.
  8. Christopher Gortner - He wrote a fantastic historical novel about one of my favorite historical figures, Juana of Castile, The Last Queen, and his novel about her mother, Isabella of Castile, The Queen's Vow, was equally good. I will continue to be a loyal fan of his work.
  9. Robert Parry - I have never been floored so much by an independent author's work as I was by Parry's Virgin and the Crab. A meticulous and well-researched fictional account of the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and John Dee, I was so impressed by it that I know any work by him will have the same effect. (I'm currently reading The Arrow Chest and will be reading his new book, Wildish, soon)
  10. M. J. Rose - I have read two books in her Reincarnationist series and will be reading her new title, The Seduction, coming up this summer. She writes with a wonderful blend of the past and present and I really enjoy that. 



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  1. I must read Anne Rice! I'm quite intrigued by the idea of the vampire in folklore and literature -- and how it evolves over time. Not having read her is, well, rather disgraceful. :)

  2. Stephen King made my list too! I stopped reading Anne Rice after her Beauty books because I got distracted by other genres. Glad to hear she appreciates her fans. She went through a time where she was blasting anyone who said negative things and it really turned me off her writing.

  3. I should really read more Ken Follett--I really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth. It's just so much....length.

  4. I'm halfway through book no 4 in the Game of Thrones saga, and it looks like I'll hardly be reading any other author this year. More than 1000 pages per volume, but I can't seem to be able to put them down.

  5. Fun choices! I've only read a handfull of King, but love him. And I loved Pillars of the Earth too although I haven't gotten to the rest of them. For some reason I've never gotten into Rice. I read one her books a long time ago and didn't care for it. Since I don't even remember what it was I should probably give her another chance :)

  6. Can you believe I haven't read any Anne Rice, Stephen King, JK Rowling or Ken Follett? Adding them to my sign up post though for the classics club! It might take me 5 years to get through Pillars of the Earth but willing to give it a chance.

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