Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wrap-up is below the intro

Well, I didn't get to do anything for the Mini-Bloggiesta yesterday.  I was pretty much gone all day with my normal Saturday routine (shopping/lunch with mom, grocery store/errands, we actually didn't go to a movie for once) so Saturday was shot.  Not sure how much time I will have today either, as mom and I are working on organizing the remainder of my books.  Light at the end of the tunnel! Anyhoo, there are really only a few things I was wanting to do so we'll see if I can accomplish any of them.  I probably will not participate in any mini-challenges this time.

Wrap-Up...see below
Didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I did spend the day organizing the rest of my books from the move in December! All I have to do now is work in some excess and new purchases (and find a place for my monstrous review book pile).  As indicated below, I'm still working on a couple of things even thought Mini-Bloggiesta is over.

Mini-Bloggiesta To-Do List
  • Write review for Persuasion  REVIEW HERE
  • work on revamping my 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge
  • update my pages to reflect my 2013 reads and add 2012 list to the past years tab (working on this now...past MB end)
  • reading plans for February post--read-a-longs, read-a-thons, etc. that I'm hoping going to participate in (working on this now...past MB end)
  • a commenter (Thanks, Tanya) said that organizing my bookshelves would count as a Bloggiesta activity and that's what I did most of the day so I'm counting it (pictures in my Monday post tomorrow!).
Did I forget anything?  Probably.




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  1. Good luck with getting more blog stuff done today - although I think organizing your book shelves count as a Bloggiesta ctivity.

  2. Good luck! I really hope I can get to business and get some reviews written!

  3. That's a neat list, Michelle. Nothing too big but still a challenge to get it done in one day with other things going on.

    Hope you get through most of it! I had a good Bloggiesta day yesterday but haven't even started today! Maybe later.

  4. I'm only able to dedicate a few hours this weekend, too, so you're not alone! Glad you decided to join in anyway :)

  5. Oh, it's impossible to remember to do it all! I think your to-do list is great...good luck and have fun.


  6. Saw your name on the Bloggiesta list just now and thought I'd be remiss if I didn't drop by and say hello!

    Hope you got lots done today! I Bloggiesta'd my heart out & am now calling it a wrap!

  7. Organising books can be quite time-consuming, especially if you're like me and stop every other book to read a favourite passage or two... :P Well done on your progress!

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