Monday, January 30, 2012

A Winter's Respite: Post Your Wrap-Up and Final Winners

Winners of the Mega Mini-Challenge...the Covet/Cherish Challenge:

Risa @ Bread Crumb Reads

Ashleigh Oldfield

Daily Winners for the Final Day:

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Bev @ My Reader's Block   Bev asked me to pass her win on to another read-a-thon participant so I chose another winner and that is:

Tracy @ Just another bookworm's blog

Head over to the PRIZE PAGE and pick your prize and then email me your choice at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom  Prizes are awarded on a first response basis.  Congratulations!


I hope everyone enjoyed the read-a-thon and I'd like to thank you for joining me.  I'm still reading...extending my read-a-thon into the wee hours...and since I'm not eligible for any of my prizes, I guess that's okay.  I'll post my wrap-up tomorrow.

I'd also like to thank all the authors, bloggers, etc. who donated prizes and who hosted mini-challenges/giveaways.  Thank you for helping to make the read-a-thon a success.

Be sure to post your wrap-up with the number of books you read because Kate's (Read 2 Review) giveaway of Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate is for the person who read the most books during the read-a-thon.  Please place the link to your post in the linky below.

Looking forward--Many of you know that I host these read-a-thons seasonally and in the Fall I hosted from my brand new horror/speculative fiction blog, Castle Macabre.  It was a read-a-thon with a scary theme and it was a big success and a lot of fun.  So I decided to make my Spring read-a-thon scary themed.  The Fall and Spring read-a-thons will have a spooky/scary theme yearly and the Winter and Summer ones will be with a regular theme.  I have asked my readers to help me pick the name for the Spring read-a-thon.  You can vote on the poll at Castle Macabre HERE.  It's at the top of the left sidebar.  Now I know some people aren't in to horror.  No worries! My only requirement for a scary read-a-thon is to read at least one scary book and that does not have to be strictly horror.  It can be a mystery, thriller, paranormal, etc.  I'm also thinking about focusing this read-a-thon more on the reading and so the mini-challenges might be reading sprints or pages read in chunks of time or something like that.  I mean that is usually our goal during a get a lot of reading done, if possible.  Any input would really be appreciated.

Again, thank you for joining me for A Winter's Respite.  I hope you will think about joining me in the Spring or Summer...or both!



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  1. Seasonally? Cool! Not sure about the scary, oh, what the heck, I like paranormal :)

    Thanks for hosting! off to think of a name....Oh! I think I have one. I was going to host a spring time reading challenge but never got the details nailed down.

  2. Michelle:

    Thanks so much for hosting again and for choosing me as a winner. But, honestly, I didn't participate for the prizes--just for the motivation to read--and I'm not seeing anything that just grabs me. So, I'd like to bow out and let you choose another winner if you'd like.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting this readathon. It was very fun and made me start my week on a "get reading" note. I didn't get as much read as I hoped due to some unforeseen family stuff, but I very much enjoyed this challenge. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for hosting, Michelle! Please don’t include me in any prize drawings, if they should happen; I read only for the joy of it and would prefer the prize go to someone else, should my name be drawn. Also, I read a few hours beyond the end of the readathon. :-D

    Happy week!

  5. Thank you very much Michelle for hosting this read a thon, I enjoy been part of it but I enjoy more my reading, because is something that I love, I start reading another one yesterday, have a good day and talk to you later...

  6. Michelle, Thanks for hosting a wonderful read-a-thon! I've linked up too!

  7. Thanks for hosting! Definitely got me squeezing in reading anytime I could! :D

  8. You did great! (at least you got to the mini-challenges, which is something that I didn't do this time around!)

    Thanks for the win, too! I'll look through my email today and get to you - I'll be choosing Pandora's Reading Room :)

  9. I totally failed *sigh* Only read 1 book, Divergent, of the 3 I had set out to read. Gah.

    *trudges away in shame*

  10. Thank you for hosting, Michelle! I was hoping to have started the trilogy I had mentioned, but at least I finished the first book on my list. Have a MERRY day :D

  11. I sort of mid-fail the challenge, haha. I'm still reading the book at set for the event. Thanks for hosting. :D

  12. Thanks for hosting! I was able to get a little more reading in than normal!

  13. I'm finally getting my wrap-up post up. I had to shuffle my schedule last week, so I didn't get to read or participate as much as I would have liked, but I still really enjoyed the read-a-thon. I'm definitely looking forward to the Spring Read-a-Thon and thank you so much for hosting this one.

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