Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pick Your A Thon Wrap-Up

So, what did I accomplish during the Pick Your A Thon?  Let's see...I completed my Top Ten of 2011 post, which included several mini-reviews of books I had not reviewed yet, along with my goals for reading and blogging in the new year, and my Best of Horror/Speculative Fiction in 2011 (at Castle Macabre).  I read and reviewed Blood of Anteros by Georgia Cates (at Castle Macabre).  I updated all 2011 reading challenges to see which ones I completed.  I ended up completing 9, which isn't too bad! I posted about my 12 Most Anticipated Books in 2012.

Not bad for a few days work, I guess.  I'd like to thank Kate and Kristen for hosting, once again.


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  1. Wasn't this a fun challenge? I hope Kate and Kristen decide to host this one again!

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