Monday, May 30, 2011


May 30
The Parting Glass Tour summaries

Another awesome blog tour comes to a close.  I would like to thank the incomparable Sasha Soren for organizing yet another fantastic community event.  I would also like to thank anyone who stopped by during the tour.  And to all the other participating all rock! Looking forward to the next go-round!
Today’s the wrap day for Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (May 10-30)

As one of the mates - ahoy, matey! - sailing with this crew of buccaneers, would like to say thank you for visiting the blog on my tour stop and hope you also enjoyed some of the other great blogs on the tour.

Note:  pause the music player in right sidebar before playing video.  Thanks!

(video – the song of the mermaid queen)
For the wrap day of the tour, we’re just going to raise a final pint
o’ grog to say thanks for the good company. Smooth seas be ahead o’ ye!

Message in a Bottle:  visit Liana's Paper Doll Blog today (link: to see the Pirate Queen Sasha and read more about her at Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf (link:


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  1. Love the video for The Mermaid Queen!

    Like you, I'm glad to have been able to participate in the Pirates! tour.

  2. i like that mermaid song!
    and a hearty piratey toast to ye!

  3. That animation to this video is quite amazing! I really like this song!

    Happy reading!

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