Monday, May 23, 2011


This is my second year participating in this event.  I had hoped to go to BEA this year in New York, but the funds were just not available.  Stupid money tree died! *L*  Anyway, I'm so excited to join in the fun again this year.  I have a busy week ahead of me.  I'm participating in a week long read-a-thon through Goodreads and I have a blog tour review and guest post this week.  Plus, several end of school year activities at my sons' school.  Whew! So I'm going to try to do as much as I can with A. BEA.  I have an interview with a fellow blogger on Wednesday that I'm pretty excited about.  I will see what else I can do as the week progresses.

Okay...a little bit about my blogging and reading.  I have been book blogging for almost two years (in August).  I have loved reading my whole life.  I was lucky enough to have parents who had their noses stuck in a book constantly and it really rubbed off! I own a huge amount of books...3000+...that's 1900+ fiction and the rest non-fiction and Christmas books.  I guess it's pretty obvious from those numbers that I'm a book lover...or maybe a hoarder?  What I like to read is pretty much summed up in the tagline in my blog header.  "An eclectic reader with an affinity for history and historical fiction"  I adore historical fiction and that is largely due to my love of history.  Up until last year, I was a history major and I'm hoping to get back to it as soon as I get some issues ironed out.  If I had to choose a couple of other favorite genres, they would be fantasy (epic or high, not urban) and horror.  I love fantastical worlds and I LOVE getting the stuff scared out of me! I am also a writer.  I have a writing blog and I'm currently participating in a writing challenge to get me motivated.  I'm actually in the process of researching my novel, but my ideas keep changing and that makes it difficult.  I really want to write historical fiction, but I worry about authenticity.  Can I do it?  Can I write an historical that doesn't rip history to shreds?  It's a worry and it's paralyzing! Back to this blog, I am a read-a-thon addict! So much so that I host seasonal read-a-thons.  I just had my Spring one in April and my Summer read-a-thon is coming up in July.  I also host two perpetual reading challenges, The Michener Challenge and the 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge.

Some personal things about me:  I am a Yankee by birth.  I grew up in Michigan, but have lived in Nashville, Tennessee for 20 years.  I have two sons that I love so much and am grateful for every day.  Being a mom is really the best thing in the world! I am a major cat lover.  If you've been here before, you've probably seen my Cat Thursday meme.  I used to have five cats, but now we are down to one very spoiled Alice.  Let's see, what else?  Oh! I have a fanatical love for Christmas.  Yes, I'm one of them! I have a year round Christmas blog on which I post every 25th of the month, throughout July, and from Thanksgiving through Twelfth Night.
My boys and Alice...her 4th birthday!
Well, that's it! I'm looking forward to this week.  I will try to visit as many of your blogs as I can.  I hope you all have a wonderful Armchair BEA experience!

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  1. WoW! All the best with all the activities you have planned this week, Michelle!! Will be checking in on the interview on Wednesday.:)

  2. Gollee, your post should excite any visitors who stop by. You made me excited, and I visit your blog every week.

  3. Hi neighbor! I am a native of Michigan and I live in Alabama. Nice to find your blog and have a new blog to follow. Hope we can stay connected. Have fun with the Armchair BEA, it's been fun so far on Day 1.

  4. Armchair BEA is going to be great! Nice to meet you :)

    Here is my intro post!

  5. Wow, Michelle, you own a HUGE amount of books! Cool!

    Sounds like you have a busy week...I didn't realize Goodreads hosted entire week is a long readathon! I'll have to pay more attention to that site!

    Your boys are adorable! So is spoiled Alice!

    It's awesome that your researching ideas for a historical novel. You can do it, I believe that!

    Good luck with your week & your writing. I'll be back to read your other Armchair BEA posts!

  6. I love that your cat wore a birthday hat! May your dreams of writing historical fiction come true. It is one of my favorite genres.

  7. I want to attend BEA as well and I'm not ashamed to admit that I just want to grab every galley I can!

    I love that photo of your cute boys...and Alice too!

    I wish you success with your novel.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Michelle! I cannot imagine owning that many books - I think I must have between 500 and 1000 and I don't have enough bookshelves for those!!!

  9. The next time my boyfriend complains about the amount of books I have (I would say less than 200), I will say, at least it isn't over 1000! I think he would kill me! Although I endeavor to have an actual library in my house when I have one some day! Great post!

  10. Wonderful comments! Thank you for all the lovely comments.

    I can't wait until I can show you all my books when I get everything orgnaized!

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