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Okay, don't roll your eyes! I'm attempting to participate in a read-a-thon this week hosted by the Cover to Cover Challenge group over on Goodreads.  Their May Read-A-Thon runs from May 21 Saturday 10 am US Pacific time to May 28 Saturday 10 am US Pacific time. The one day readathon will be held on Saturday May 21. The timings for the 24 hour reading spree are left to your convenience. You can start whenever it fits your schedule and stop when you wish to (this is from their group thread).  The 24 hour reading spree is today and then the read-a-thon continues for a week, where you read at your convenience (around work, school, life, etc.).  They have several mini-challenges set up and it sounds like a lot of fun.  Not sure how well I'll do, but it's a read-a-thon and I always have to try!

Here's what my reading plans are:

1. The Trial of Elizabeth Cree aka Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem Peter Ackroyd(challenge #7)
2. The Half-Made World Felix Gilman(challenge #1) review book
3. Finish A Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin
4. Catch up on read along reading for John Adams David McCullough
5. Water for Elephants Sara Gruen
6. On Tuesday, read section for read along of The Crimson Petal and the White Michel Faber
7. Promised Valley Rebellion Ron Fritsch review book
8. other review books in my stack****
9. ****

Challenge #7 was to randomly select a book from your TBR stacks/shelves.
Challenge #1 was to read a not-so-chunkster book, 400+ pages.

I'm starting at 12 noon (or thereabouts).  Wish me luck!

Official start time: 4pm CT
Starting on page 232 of Johh Adams (will read through page 385)

Update: 5/22/11

Well, my 24 hours did not go as I had planned. Started at 4pm CT. Began with page 232 of John Adams. I am now only on page 279. Ugh! Only 47 pages read. I just could not stay awake last night.

Continuing with the week long read-a-thon, tonight I am planning on reading through page 385 of 
John Adams and then I will finish A Game of Thrones...hopefully!


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  1. wonder if you or I will finish game of thrones first. It is a good book, long though.

  2. I challenge you to a duel my friend.

    1. Odd Hours Dean Koontz
    2 True believer Nicolas Sparks
    3. No Permanent Scars Michael Hemery
    4. The Book Thief Markus
    5. The Soccer Ball Bunch
    6. Room Emily Donoghue

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