Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Tudor Book Challenge

Benedictionary is hosting The Tudor Book Challenge.

The Challenge:

From January 1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2010 The Tudor Book Challenge challenges you to read books about or inspired by the Tudor era of the English monarchy.

The Challenge Rules:

•You may read your books in any format – e-books, audio books, electronic reader books, and printed books are acceptable.
•You are welcome to use the books you read for the Tudor Book Challenge in other challenges (where applicable).
•Books can be fiction or non-fiction, but they must be about or inspired by Tudor England. If you do not know much about the Tudor dynasty, that’s okay. That’s part of what this challenge is about. If you’re lost, try the Tudor Book Resource for some Tudor book suggestions. You can find even more Tudor book suggestions here.
•You are not required to post a list of the books you intend to read. You may choose them as you go.
•Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome to participate in the challenge. If you do not have a blog, you will need to review the books you’ve read on some book-related website: i.e. GoodReads, Amazon, Borders, etc. and send in the links (via comments) to be eligible for the prizes. I need to be able to verify that these books were read by you.

The Registration Rules:

All registrations must be received by midnight (EST) on December 31st, 2009 to be eligible for the prizes. If you do not register by the midnight deadline, you may still participate in the challenge but you will not be eligible for the prizes.

To keep things official and time-stamped, you will need to comment on this post if you wish to participate in the challenge. Please provide me with the following information:


YOUR BLOG or BOOK SITE YOU’LL BE REVIEWING FROM – Remember, if you do not have a blog you will need to post reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, Borders, B&N, or some other site that allows for book reviews.

YOUR CHALLENGE LEVEL – This is very important, so please include it in your comment.

When the deadline has passed I will post the official roster of participants and their progress for everyone to follow. Participants, it will be up to you to keep us posted on the books you’ve completed and where you have reviewed them by commenting on the roster page.

The Challenge Levels:

(I have lowered the required books for each level at the urging of my better half. Feel free to change your selection before the deadline.)

King or Queen – You are the ruler of your dominion. You will read at least 11 Tudor-related books.

Nobleman or Noblewoman - You are honorable, indeed. You have earned your title by agreeing to read at least 9 Tudor-related books.

Courtier – You are a rising star in the royal court. You have decided to read at least 7 Tudor-related books.

Commoner – Your role in the kingdom is small but mighty. You are going to read at least 5 Tudor-related books.

The Loot:

Because I get them at a lovely discount, I will be providing the winners of the Tudor Book Challenge with three gift cards from Borders bookstore.

Here is how the loot will be distributed:

E-Award: All participants who complete the Tudor Book Challenge will receive a personalized award to display on their blog noting their achievement.

Royal Celebration: I am offering a $25 gift card from Borders in a raffle. To be eligible for the raffle, you must complete the challenge you registered for.

Kings and Queens: If you complete the challenge at this level your name will be entered into the raffle with six raffle tickets.

Noblemen and Noblewomen: If you complete the challenge at this level your name will be entered into the raffle with four raffle tickets.

Courtiers: If you complete the challenge at this level your name will be entered into the raffle with two raffle tickets.

Commoners: If you complete the challenge at this level your name will be entered into the raffle with one raffle ticket.

NOTE: Please choose your challenge level wisely. While reading beyond your challenge level is encouraged and wonderful, to keep things fair you will only be eligible to receive the number of raffle tickets associated with the level you registered at. You must read at least the number of books associated with the challenge level you registered at to be eligible for any raffle tickets.

King or Queen of the Tudor Book Challenge: A $25 gift card from Borders will go to the individual who reads and reviews the most Tudor-related books during the challenge (minimum 7).

Royal Proclamation: The person who writes the best review for a Tudor-related book will receive a $50 gift card from Borders.

I am doing the Noblewoman level--9 Tudor-related books.

I have my list compiled, but will come back and list them later.

1. Her Mother's Daughter--Julianne Lee
2. I, Elizabeth--Rosalind Miles
3. Innocent Traitor--Alison Weir
4. The Autobiography of Henry VIII--Margaret George
5. Rose Without a Thorn--Jean Plaidy
6. The Other Queen--Philippa Greogory
7. The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn--Robin Maxwell
8. Portrait of an Unknown Woman--Vanora Bennet
9. Wolf Hall--Hilary Mantel

Happy Reading =O)


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