Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movies of note I have seen lately...

Where the Wild Things Are

This was a wonderful movie and a beautiful homage to Maurice Sendak's classic book.  I took my boys, ages 8 and 7 (almost), and they loved it.  The story is expanded in the movie and Max is a child of divorce who is feeling neglected.  He has a sweet relationship with his mother, but doesn't understand when she is mothers are at times.  When he runs off and ends up "where the wild things are", he meets Carol and the other monsters and tells them he's a king.  I saw some definite parallels between Carol and Max, with Max being like the mom and Carol being like Max.  The soundtrack was also great.  I highly recommend this movie to parents and their kids alike.

Sherlock Holmes

What else can I say?  Robert Downey Jr.  I'm sorry, but anything this man stars in is destined to be a hit.  A stellar actor...I keep asking, "Why doesn't this man have an Oscar yet?"  Now I have always loved Sherlock Holmes.  Although I haven't read the books (yet), I have loved the TV versions from the BBC and the old Basil Rathbone versions...and even one that starred Matt Frewer as Holmes several years ago.  This new movie has all the wit and mystery of a classic Holmes tale, but with the pluck of Downey Jr. and the incomparable chemistry of Downey Jr. and Jude Law as partners and friends.  Guy Ritchie (LOVE HIM TOO!) has really outdone himself this time.  I am a big fan of his movies, especially Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, but I think this one will definitely be my most favorite...unless he comes out with something better! By the way the movie ended, there will definitely be a sequel.  I say bring it on!

The Box

My mom was the one that really wanted to see this...I was only mildly interested.  It was on at the $1.50 theater and we finally went to see it Saturday night.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Now this was not really a horror movie.  There is no blood and gore.  But it is genuinely creepy...maybe even downright disturbing.  And the premise really gets you thinking.  What would I do in this situation?  Would I be able to do what they did?  It really has frightening insight into human nature and I honestly hope that most people aren't really like this.  Because if they are, there doesn't seem to be much hope for our world.  I prefer to think that people are inherently good, but I could be wrong.  See this one if you like to be genuinely creeped out and you don't mind thinking about tough issues.  Despite the depth, I really liked it.

Happy Viewing =O)


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  1. Still waiting to see Sherlock Homes. It didn't happen this past weekend. I am not a fan of Cameron Diaz so anything with her I usually don't see! :(

    Where the Wild Things Are I was going to wait til DVD. I love the book though.

  2. I'll probably wait for the DVD; I know I'll like having "The Wild Things" on my shelves. I loved the book and all my kids adored it.

    When the movie was coming out, I bought a stuffed "Wild Thing" from Barnes & Noble.

  3. I didn't like Where the Wild Things Are, but I can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes, hopefully this evening.

  4. Yep, Robert Downey Jr. would be my entire reason for going to see Sherlock Holmes!

  5. I want to see The Box. I have mixed feelings about the Sherlock Holmes, it looks too overdone from the previews. I don't like lots of special effects. I just watched a marathon last weekend of the Basil Rathbone Homes. I loved it

  6. All of these are my "To watch list" :)

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