Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Book-A-Day Challenge

Update:  Two books finished for this one! Since I'm reading until January 14th instead of December 28th, I still have lots of time to finish the list! And I'm removing The Christmas Sweater from the list (for personal reasons) so I need to add 7 more books to the list!

I've decided to join this Book-a-Day challenge which is being hosted by Haleyknitz at The Life (and Lies) of an Inanimate Flying Object.  It runs during Haley's break from school, December 14-28.  My (long awaited) break from school also starts on Monday (the 14th), but I don't go back until January 14th...WOOT! The challenge involves reading a book a day during the challenge 15 books.  However, since I'm a mom of two wild boys and I work, I'm going to read 15 books during my holiday break...December 14th through January 13th.  I hope that's okay Haley?! I'm not going to list everything I'm going to read right now, but I'll come back and list them later...on Sunday or Monday.  I know I will definitely be reading a lot of Christmas books!
1.Creeping Shadows-Draven, Ford, & Gardner
2.The Christmas List-Richard Paul Evans
3.An Irish Country Christmas-Patrick Taylor
4.Matchless-Gregory Maguire
5.The Lovely Bones--Lesilie Sebold
6.Winter's End-Jean-Claude Mourlevat
7. Powers-John B. Olson
8.The Silent Governess-Julie Klassen

I will add the last 7 after I decide what challenges I'm doing as of January 1st!

Anyone else taking the plunge?

Happy Reading!


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  1. Yes, you can definitely do 12! you're a mom, that's a perfect excuse :D happy to have you!

  2. Wow, a book a day? At one time I'd have been able to do it but now...I can't. It's not just having the time. I can't seem to focus as long or as well as I used to. I'm interested to follow the challenge on your blog & see how you're doing. :)

  3. How in the world can you do a book a day??? wow I admire you gals and I am a reader and I am not working right now and I still could not committ to a book a day. Good luck!!! I suppose if I stayed off the computer and the video games. I am hooked on the new LEGO Indiana Jones. Thanks for stopping by Michelle, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Erin Hart had a new one out. Have a great day!!!

  4. Wow! Good luck with the challenge but it's a bit too daunting for me!

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