Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cat Thursday: Beauty and Destruction...the two sides of a cat

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy! (share your post in the Mr. Linky below)

This week, I'm sharing the beauty of the cat with a wonderful painting and the destructive side with an hilarious video from Parole de chat. We all know these two sides of cats, don't we? :)

Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872 - 1930) Little Dora

Video: Parole de chat

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  1. Gina, a book dragonApril 17, 2014 at 3:51 AM

    That was awesome!

    My cats are below my O is for . . .

  2. I've already seen that video, it's funny and brings back... hem ! memories lol ! When I first had my two cats, I couldn't keep a single potted plant in the appartment, poor plants ! ;)

  3. LOL yours goes well with mine this week. I always wonder when I get home how they've managed some of the things they've done. Sure seems like that kitty!

  4. LOL That's too funny.

  5. Oh that video is too funny!

    This week, Magellan has discovered the top of the washer and dryer. That is NOT a good thing! I have visions of Destructo Kitten and those slasher claws doing just what the cat in the video did to the hoses in the back of the W/D (which, of course, he is fascinated with) and coming down to a flood one morning in my husband's office.

    Yesterday I sat down to have lunch. I just placed a bowl of teriyaki rice and chicken on the table when Destructo cat came tearing across the house - jumped up on the table - and flipped the steaming hot bowl of food on the floor and my chair! We both let out a frightened yowl! Rice and chicken went flying everywhere - some of it landed across the room - and one piece flew up and burned my eyelid (I'm really fortunate it did not go in my eye) - hence my yowl. I think he might have felt it too because he doesn't usually yowl. He went tearing across the room to his self-appointed "time out spot". I was already having a bad day when this happened...

    This is the second kitten I've had that has taking a flying leap and, from nowhere, ended in a plate of food! Madness!

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