Saturday, April 9, 2011


Okay...I'm back from the library sales and both sales were half price! I really got some good ones.  I will post them all on my Mailbox Monday post.  I didn't get any reading done.  My mom doesn't have air in her car and we're having record highs in Nashville today.  Too hot to concentrate! =O(  So although I read a few pages here and there, nothing significant was accomplished.  Now I'm ready to dig in and read.  I'm just completing a couple of mini-challenges and visiting a couple of blogs and then it's on! Basically, my starting page in Dante's Journey was page 92.  I'm now on page 97.  Told you I didn't get much done. =O)

Hope everyone is having a fun time and enjoying their reading.  Thanks for everyone who has stopped by and visited and cheered me on.

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