Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon


Well, I have not started the read-a-thon yet.  I ended up having to stay up late last night doing homework so I slept in later than expected.  I'm going to my Friends of the Library sale and then I will have to start when I get back.  Darn...I really wanted to start early this morning, but alas... 

It's that time again...WOOT! And I'm finally ready with my sign-up and pile of potential books to be devoured! I'm hoping this time I will get a lot more reading done.  Last fall I had a disappointing finish of 2, maybe 3, books...blah.  I was hoping I could get a hotel room so I wouldn't be bothered.  LOL! But no money, so my family has been warned to stay out of my domain! I'm planning on starting at 7:00 am (which is central time).  I will be taking a break around noon to go to my monthly friends of the library sale...sorry, can't miss that! Otherwise, I will be dedicated to the fun and, most of all, to the reading!

Here is my pile:

Hush--Kate White (to finish)
Cardboard--Fiona Place
Live a Life you Love--Dr. Susan Biali, M.D.
The Dark Divine--Bree Despain
Under the Dome--Stephen King (this is's a huge book!)
Her Mother's Daughter--Julianne Lee
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister--Gregory Maguire
The Graveyard Book--Neil Gaiman
The Haunting of Hill House--Shirley Jackson
The Red Door--Charles Todd

I may be adding Shadow Hills, as I'm expecting it in the mail for a blog tour any day now.  I tried to include a variety in case I decide one is not doing it for me!

Ready for the fun! Wish me luck!!!


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  1. Good luck with the readathon! Think that 2-3 books is pretty impressive, and I love your idea about moving into a hotel for the duration! Too bad it didn't pan out, but hope the family leaves you alone this time. :)

    Have fun!

  2. wow thats dedication, hope it all pans out well, I looking forward to it and am so glad I signed up now!

  3. It reminds of the time my eldest made us watch the six Star Wars movies in one go - he even (at times if he thought our attention lagging) held our faces towards the tv in case we missed anything! It took the whole weekend without a break except sleep of course!

  4. Ooooh, you're going to love The Graveyard Book! Have fun and don't get too burnt out on reading, LOL. :)

  5. Good luck! I'll be following along!

  6. Great stack! I'm sure you will be able to beat the number of books you read last time. Keep us updated!

  7. I ended up having to work this morning for three hours and have a ridiculous number of interruptions. Wouldn't it be fun to get a group of bloggers together to get a hotel room for readathon?!

  8. Yes Lisa, that would be fun!

    Fiona--I LOVE Star Wars, but that might be a bit much!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

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