Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book review--Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor (audiobook)

I am so behind on posting this review.  I finished it and then I had mid-terms so I just didn't have time.  However, I'm finishing Arch Enemy (Book 3, Looking Glass Wars) during the 24 hour Read-a-Thon tomorrow in preparation for my review and my interview with the author, Frank Beddor...hopefully, next week.  So, I'm posting this now to get all my ducks in a row before tomorrow...LOL!

Note:  Some may consider there to be slight spoilers.  I wouldn't think so, but just a warning!

The second installment in the Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, Seeing Redd, was an exciting and emotional foray in to the world of Alyss Heart of Wonderland.  In this book, some characters that seemed to have no emotional depth have blossomed in to more dimensional representations of themselves.  Hatter Madigan for one.  He finds out some very personal news and the lengths he goes to for happiness and the safety of this person(s) is truly touching.  And Dodge and Alyss begin to bring their relationship to a new level, albeit self-consciously.  Perhaps the most surprising of emotional depth of character is in the incomparably evil Redd.  Redd is just as evil and diablolical as ever.  In one part, her "Imperial Viciousness" hardly bats an eyelash when a crowd of people are devoured by a pack of hungry skeletons (ewww...exactly what I said!).  However, we do catch a glimpse (just a glimpse now) of the hurt Redd feels when she is told in the past by her parents that she will not become queen.  As Redd is trying to win back the throne, there is a new threat in King Arch who has never believed that women are good for anything but service and obedience.  He is determined to wrest Wonderland from any and all female control...from Alyss AND Redd.  Arch is so well done.  He really ruffles the feathers of the feminist in me. 

Seeing Redd was an excellent read.  It keeps you on your toes the entire time.  Will Alyss be able to handle the responsibility of the Queendom, will Redd take over again or will Arch become the supreme ruler over all?  All of these questions kept me on the edge of my seat and I can't wait to finish Arch Enemy to find out what happens next!

About the book:
Alyss of Wonderland's rule has only just begun and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining. Trailed by newly appointed Royal Bodyguard Homburg Molly, Alyss does her best to keep pace with the spiraling, non-stop demands of being Queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge. Alyss's life is already a challenging mix of duty, love and imagining when a series of phantom sightings set fire to an urban myth of her Imperial Viciousness's return and have everyone…Seeing Redd. Has Redd somehow freed herself and her chief assassin, the Cat, from the confines of the Heart Crystal to challenge her niece once again? If not, then who has resurrected Redd's brutal footsoldiers, the Glass Eyes, and set them loose to attack Wonderland on all sides? Battles rage, looking glasses explode and the Alyssians are once again uniting to defend White Imagination in this fast-paced second book in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. (from Fantastic Fiction)

(FTC disclaimer:  I checked this audiobook out at the library)

I recommend this book.

Happy Reading!



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  1. I've never been one to start book series. I really envy those of you that do find something like this that you can really count on.

  2. This sounds quite interesting Michelle. I'll have to try and check them out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Can you tell how behind my Google Reader is? LOL.

    I've heard so much about this series and really want to read it soon (cursing the TBR pile!). Thanks for the great review Michelle.

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