Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Reading Life (44)

It's looking like I'm now only doing these posts monthly. I always plan to do them weekly, but then I get too lazy. I'll keep trying though. 

So, back in April, I reviewed a lovely poetry book by Rita Maria Martinez, The Jane and Bertha in Me. The author recently shared with me a reading she did at a bookstore in Florida. The Livestream is still available. Those who love the Brontes may want to tune in, as well as those who suffer from an invisible illness (caretakers may also want to tune in). You can watch HERE (Rita is introduced around marker 41:45).

What I'm reading this week...I'm participating in Tif's School's Out Read-a-Thon through Thursday.

  • Trying to finish Contact, Carl Sagan
  • Reading section of Wilde Lake for TuesBookTalk
  • Worlds Elsewhere, Andrew Dickson
I leave for vacation on Thursday! My best friend is getting married this Saturday in my hometown, and my sister and her family still live up there so we'll be visiting for the rest of the time. I haven't been on vacation in AGES! I need this!

Upcoming Events

High Summer Read-a-Thon, July 18 - 24. Sign up here.

Sit Down and Write 8 - July 2016. Sign up here.

I'm also hosting Christmas in July at Christmas Spirit. Details coming soon. You might notice a bit of a revamp on the site if you stop by. 

Recent book acquisitions...

A win from Stacy at Stacy's Books
Thank you!

The Judgment, D.J, Niko (for review)
The Fox Was Ever The Hunter, Herta Muller (for review)
Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good Very Bad Cat,
Amy Newmark (won from Create with Joy. Thank you!)
The Couple Who Fell to Earth, Michelle Bitting (poetry for review)
Wilde Lake, Laura Lippman (TuesBookTalk June read/for review)

Purchased from Goodwill:
The Wife's Tale, Lori Lansens
Blue Labyrinth, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Historical Hauntings, edited by Jean Rabe
Carry The One, Carol Anshaw
Ragnarok: The End of the Gods, A.S. Byatt
A Passion for Books, Harold Rabinowitz
The Fire Gospel, Michel Faber
The White Devil, Justin Evans
Between Man and Beast, Monte Reel
The Burning Air, Erin Kelly
The Big Book of Teen Reading Lists, Nancy J. Keane 
(for Gabe and Reece)

What's going on in your Reading Life?



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