Monday, September 16, 2013

A Reading Life

Last week of summer. Can I get an amen from all the Fall-ites out there?!

Listening To: Anna Dressed in Blood.  Got my new FM transmitter and it's the coolest thing! You can download your MP3 audio files onto a flash drive or SD card and plug those into the transmitter and they play through your car speakers. You can also hook a CD player or MP3 player directly into it. The only downside is that you cannot fast forward when you plug in a flash drive or memory card--only advance track by track--so I have to remember to only stop listening at the end of each track. Minor glitch so I think I can handle it. Incidentally, I tried to get Stoker's Manuscript from my library, but they didn't have it on audio or Overdrive. Maybe they'll get it soon. J. Kaye has me fired up about that one!

Books finished last week:  
The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen, Julia Ibbotson (Review)

City of Bones, Cassandra Clare
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (TuesBookTalk)
The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (read-a-long)
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (Classics spin)
The Arrow Chest, Robert Parry (read-a-long at Castle Macabre)
The Shogun's Daughter, Laura Joh Rowland (review coming Wednesday)

Coming Up:  
Something from the list below is a slim possibility...
The Man in the Picture, Susan Hill
The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
Lives of the Monster Dogs, Kirsten Bakis
Contact, Carl Sagan

Watching: Enjoyed the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day on BBC America on Saturday. Love that show so much! I'm also really enjoying Last Tango in Halifax on PBS. Sweet and funny. The Dexter finale next week...what will happen? I'm full of predictions! Ray Donovan was also quite unnerving. Tonight was the premiere of Bones, one of my fave shows, and the new show, Sleepy Hollow. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has always been one of my favorite stories. Loved the cartoon version when I was a kid and the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film from several years back. I enjoyed the first episode. Heads really rolled. LOL! Over the weekend, I saw the long awaited Insidious, Chapter Two. Great movie! I was so scared. My mom was like, "Why do you come to these?" I love it though! I was happy to hear that it topped the box office on its opening weekend and broke the record for top grossing live action film released in September.

Making:  I've been making some delicious slow cooker recipes. I'm really liking the Crock Pot Lasagna recipe I found on Six Sisters' Stuff, of course! It's so easy and absolutely delicious. I'm making it this week with pork sausage instead of ground beef. Yum! I'm also making Meatloaf Muffins again. These are baked in muffin pans and are so much more convenient than a whole meatloaf. However, clean up last time was kind of crappy, even with non-stick pans, so I bought cupcake liners. We'll see if that makes it any easier.

Grateful for: This book right here. Write-a-Thon, Rochelle Melander...can't wait to get started!

Also, that my dad bought this book years and years ago (1983 to be exact) and I still have it...The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe, 1178 pages of Poe greatness! 

Looking forward to:  listening to these great CDs they were giving away FREE at my sons' music school! Three Christmas titles, including The Boston Camerata: A Medieval Christmas, the Fred Claus movie soundtrack, and The McGarrigle Christmas Hour (new-to-me group). Also, The Corrs: Home and Death Cab for Cutie: Keys and Codes (remix EP). Pretty cool!

Picture: Library sale haul!

Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout
The White Pearl, Kate Furnivall
Stargazer, Claudia Gray
Hourglass, Claudia Gray
A Terrible Beauty, Graham Masterton
The Bad Queen, Carolyn Meyer
Children of the Alley, Naguib Mahfouz
A Dangerous Climate, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

What's going on in your reading life?


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  1. Hmmm--wonder if those meatloaf muffins could be frozen for later? Sounds like a great make ahead meal!

    Enjoy the Poe. I read a collection of his several years ago and some of those lesser known stories are downright strange!!

    Longing for fall. Still in the 90s every day. :(

  2. You got some great library finds! I hope you enjoy Contact! Fascinating book. Looking forward to your reviews! Have a great week :)

  3. Thanks for the FM transmitter info. I might have to try that! I haven't had a chance to watch Sleepy Hollow, but will catch up on it soon. I'm on a Salinger thing for some reason, reading a couple of biography and planning to read "The Catcher in the Rye." Sort of lost interest in the spooky books. (Sigh) I hate that my mood changes so quickly.

  4. Great wrapup. Hello Fall, I am ready for you! Summer has gotten a bit too hot for me. Still have a while in Florida to go before it cools much though. Really neat about the free music CDs, hope you enjoy listening to them. My friend tried a Crockpot lasagna but hers ended up soggy so there must be a trick to it?

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