Monday, September 9, 2013

A Reading Life

Another Monday! Honestly, where does the time go?

Listening To: Nada! So, now my portable CD player conked out so my adapter is pointless. Well, I could use it to listen to the audios I have on my Kindle...if I would remember to bring Anne with...duh! I do have an MP3 player on order so will be hitting up Overdrive at the library very soon...or the free titles I downloaded. A little Anna Dressed in Blood might be a great choice for this time of year, or my friend, J. Kaye's recommendation, Stoker's Manuscript. Decisions, decisions! Now Tanga, hurry up with my order!

Books finished last week:  Also, nada...

City of Bones, Cassandra Clare
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (TuesBookTalk)
The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (read-a-long)
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (Classics spin)
The Arrow Chest, Robert Parry (read-a-long at Castle Macabre)
The Old Rectory, Julia Ibbotson (review coming tomorrow)

Coming Up:  
The Shogun's Daughter, Laura Joh Rowland (for review next week)
Something from the list below is a slim possibility...
The Man in the Picture, Susan Hill
The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
Lives of the Monster Dogs, Kirsten Bakis
Contact, Carl Sagan

Watching: The Dexter series finale in two weeks! I can hardly believe it's almost over. What will happen? This has been one of my favorite shows. Last night's episode of Ray Donovan. Wow! I love Liev Schrieber. Such a great actor. Also, last night, the season finale of Silk on PBS. Another terrific British series featured on Masterpiece Mystery. What would I do without Masterpiece? Torchwood: Miracle Day is coming to BBC America Saturday. I never did get to watch it back when it was on Encore so this is my chance to catch up. I saw World War Z again over the weekend at the cheapo theater. Took the boys. They loved it. What a great movie! Next, I'm gearing up for Insidious Chapter 2 this weekend. Can't wait to get scared...I mean, really scared! Woo hoo!!

Making:  I discovered a terrific comfort food recipe for the crockpot. {Crockpot} Chicken and Stuffing using only four ingredients! It's delicious too. You can find the recipe at Table for 7. I've made this several times and my younger son loves it. Let me know if you try it. =O)

Grateful for: the W.O. Smith Music School that allows my sons to take music lessons (both boys--Basic Musicianship, Gabe--Choir, and Reece will have private violin lessons in the new year) for 50 cents per lesson. That's about $15 for the entire year. So truly grateful for this!

Looking forward to:  a book I ordered that I think is finally going to get me on track with my writing and may very well decide my November for me. Top Secret...more later!

Also, the FrightFall Read-a-Thon...coming 9/30 - 10/6! I have sign ups posted so head over and add your name. Yay!

Picture: Goodwill find...Tolstoy, a biography by Henri Troyat and, for review, The Last Neanderthal Clan: Raka of the Last Neanderthal Clan, Lisa Lareau and Charlie Boring.

So, what's going on in your reading life?


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  1. Haven't read "Anna Dressed in Blood" yet, but it sounds good! About Ray D., I just knew Donovon Sr. was going to get out of it some I'm currently reading "The Hiding Place" by David Bell. Really good. You already know what I'm listening to. He's a little heavy on the history end, but I know you'll love it. Still, "Stoker's Manuscript" is good!

  2. Anna Dressed in Blood is fabulous! So is the second in the series :) Looking forward to some scary movies this season as well. I still have yet to see Dexter. I should get on that!

    Here's my post:

  3. 50 cents a lesson? That's wonderful! Hope the boys enjoy their lessons!

  4. Thank you so much for the reminder abut Torchwood.

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