Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (1): Bookish Goals for 2013

I have not participated in Top Ten Tuesday previously, but I saw this week's topic and since I haven't yet outlined my bookish goals yet for this year, I thought I would join in.  It's a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  I really think it will give me more opportunities to interact with other bloggers and to get me writing more on this blog.  Here goes....

1.  Make a more concerted effort to catch up on my backlogged review book stack.  I have stopped accepting new books for review (with a few exceptions) and I will be almost exclusively participating only in Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours (gotta have my fix of new historical fiction).

2.  My Goodreads goal is once again 100 books read this year.  I only made it to 52 last year (6 less than 2011), but I think every year is a new opportunity to strive for our personal best.

3.  I was originally going to limit the number of challenges I signed up for, know...didn't (more on that later) so now my goal will be to complete all the challenges I signed up for.

4.  Start reading books for tours earlier.  In the past, I always wait until the last minute and that never ends well.

5.  Start reading more non-fiction.  Last year, I started A Non-Fiction Adventure, a long term challenge similar to The Classics Club, but focusing completely on non-fiction, and then I didn't even read one non-fiction book.  What gives?

6.  Write reviews right away instead of putting them off.

7.  Keep my reading challenges updated as I finish a book instead of waiting for a month or longer.  I update and keep track of all reading challenges at Challenges of The True Book Addict.

8.  Finish transferring my current book catalog (yes, I keep a physical catalog of all the books I own...well, the fiction ones anyway...otherwise, I'll keep buying books I already own) to the new catalog and start working on adding my entire book catalog to my library blog, A Library, Collected.

9.  Revamp my perpetual challenge, 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge, into a long term challenge, also in the vein of The Classics Club.

10.  2013 reads to be taken from my own books.  At least the majority of them.  I have a home library of 3000+ books.  Need to start making a more serious dent.

There you have it! If you'd like to read about my new life goals for 2013, you can check out my new page, A New Life, at my blog, A Brave Heart.

One more wish of happy new year to all! Let's make it a good one.



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  1. I love challenges, I do, but I'm horrible at updating them, even when I am successful! Plus, I need to get better at running the one I do a year (I had been doing a re-read challenge, but this year I decided I needed to focus on lots of books I haven't read, so I'm doing a Christopher Pike challenge instead because I'm kind of obsessed with him).

    I also agree that every year you should shoot for the stars when it comes to books read- and I bet you top yourself this year!

  2. I'm trying to limit the challenges this year because they always get away from me and then I feel like a failure.

    I did sign up for the Goodreads Challenge at 100 because I only read 52 last year too and need to use it as a constant reminder to keep reading!

    Good luck with your goals.

  3. Great list of goals! I need to work on my backlog as well, so am trying to cut back on review requests. I didn't make my Goodreads goal last year either, but have high hopes for this year!

    Good luck!

  4. My goal is to read more from my shelves too! And I only read 55 last year, but managed some really good nonfiction which is new for me. Great goals, good luck!

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