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HFVBT: Interview with D.L. Bogdan + Giveaway of The Forgotten Queen


D.L., I appreciate you stopping by today to answer a few questions! 

 Thank you so much for having me!

Being a student of history, I can pretty much guess what originally inspired you to write historical fiction, but is there anything specific about the genre that made you want to write historical novels? 

I feel history gives us anything we need—fascinating figures with lives rich in drama and conflict, perfect for storytelling, and events we can use to illustrate themes, thoughts, and ideas of the times.

Your books all involve the Tudors? What is it about that illustrious family that so captivates the world, even after all these years? 

Their dysfunction. At times they seem larger than life, but when broken down, they’re not much different than any family. Okay, maybe the beheadings and world powers at their fingertips make them a little different . . .

Who is your favorite historical personage among the Tudors? 

I have to say of the immediate family, probably Margaret, Henry VIII’s older sister. She was so tragically flawed, but there was something endearing about her open vulnerability.

Do you have a process when you're doing research for your books? 

I try to find any materials I can that involve my subject matter—books, articles on the web (which are difficult at times to prove the legitimacy of, so I have to use caution there), original sources such as letters and records, and documentaries. After gathering as much as I can, I try to sift through and decide what is most important for what I want to convey and build from there. 

For aspiring writers of historical fiction, what would be some key advice for them? 

Write for yourself first. If you have an event or a figure that is your passion, delve into it as deeply as you can, then go for it. A wonderful author once told me that characters/stories summon us and I believe her. They want to be told. So follow your gut and tell them!

Are you currently reading any historical fiction? If so, which one(s)? 

Unfortunately right now I’m not reading much fiction of any kind, as I’m back in school and am reading several texts at once. When at school or working on a project, I have to sever all pleasure-reading, otherwise I won’t want to do anything else!

What is your favorite historical fiction book and/or your favorite historical author? 

There are so many! I’m not quite sure if this constitutes, but my favorite author is John Steinbeck and my favorite historical fiction novel would be East of Eden

Do you have your next project in the works and can we get a hint? 

I must play mysterious on this one. But I will tell you that though it is historical, it will not be what people expect from me. 

Thanks again for stopping by and chatting today!

D.L. Bogdan is an ongoing student of history, musician, and avid reader who enjoys travel, the outdoors, and time with her family and friends. She is a proud wife and mother who makes her home in central Wisconsin. She is the author of Secrets of the Tudor Court, Rivals in the Tudor Court and The Sumerton Women.

For more information on D.L. Bogdan and her novels, please visit her WEBSITE. You can also find her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Publication Date: January 29, 2013 | Kensington Publishing | 384p

From her earliest days, Margaret Tudor knows she will not have the luxury of choosing a husband. Her duty is to gain alliances for England. Barely out of girlhood, Margaret is married by proxy to James IV and travels to Edinburgh to become Queen of Scotland.

Despite her doubts, Margaret falls under the spell of her adopted home. But while Jamie is an affectionate husband, he is not a faithful one. And nothing can guarantee Margaret’s safety when Jamie leads an army against her own brother, Henry VIII. In the wake of loss she falls prey to an ambitious earl and brings Scotland to the brink of anarchy. Beset by betrayal and secret alliances, Margaret has one aim—to preserve the crown of Scotland for her son, no matter what the cost…

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  1. I have two favorite Tudors: Anne of Cleves, and Henry's sister, Mary - both of which managed to defy Henry. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. i don't have a particular favorite Tudor.....yet!!! LOL!!!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com

  3. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I've always been partial to Katherine of Aragon and of course Elizabeth.

    andreag @ earthlink dot net

  4. Very insightful, intelligent and well thought out interview!

    East of Eden is a great choice for favorite historical novel!

  5. I have to say that Ann Boelyn is my favorite.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  6. My favorite Tudor is Anne Boleyn and I think that is because she is the one I have read so much about so I am looking forward to reading this book and learning about another woman in Tudor history. Thank you for the chance to win

    griperang at embarqmail dot com

  7. My favorite Tudor is Elizabeth I. A remarkable woman fighting for survival in a man's world.

    THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN looks like such an amazing read.


  8. My favorite Tudor is Anne Boleyn.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I actually have two favorite Tudors...Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I think was so misunderstood and the other just the opposite...both very strong women though for their times...

  10. oops forgot my email...momkelly2003 at yahoo dot com

    thank you!

  11. This book is just the sort of book I relish. Not much has been written about Margaret Tudor. My favourite Tudor is Elizabeth who proved her father to be wrong. He was so upset about not having sons and in the end it was his daughter who was the best person for the job. I would so love to win thsi book. darlene dot foster at telus dot net

  12. Sounds like a great book. My favorite Tudor is Katherine of Aragon.

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