Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dewey's, Here Be Dragons and Let's Read Plays!

It's that time again! Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon! Even though I have a busy weekend, I still want to participate as much as I can.  My birthday is on Monday so this is my official birthday weekend.  Tomorrow, I'm going to my monthly library sale and...happy birthday to me...they're having a half price sale.  Woot! After that, Mom is taking me out to eat for our birthday lunch and then we're going to see "Sinister."  I am so psyched for that movie! On Sunday, I'm going to the Southern Festival of Books to hear Damien Echols speak and then going out to eat for my official birthday dinner with the entire family (my darling boys) and then we're going to the cheap movie theater to see "Brave" and probably "The Dark Knight Rises."  And I'm off work Monday, so what a great birthday! Anyhoo, the read-a-thon starts bright and early for me at 7:00am and I have one goal and one goal only.  That's right, folks...I'm reading IT.  Yes, Stephen King's IT.  That gigantic tome that I was supposed to be reading for the IT-along for several weeks now, but haven't had the time.  Wouldn't it be great if I could actually finish IT?  HaHa...too funny...finish it...IT.  Yeah, I'm already tired.  Okay, so 7:00am...and the book will be accompanying me on my outing tomorrow...will snatch as much reading time as I can while I'm out and about.  We shall see how IT goes. *snicker*


Yes! I have been wanting to read this for ages.  We, Marie and I, are hosting a read-a-long at Historical Fiction Connection.  You should join us! Dates are October 13 through November 2.  Visit this POST for the full schedule.


Let's Read Plays! Let's do, shall we?  A fun year with classic plays--November 2012 - October 2012
Hosted by Fanda Classiclit and Ngidam Buku  Click the button for all the details and to sign-up.

Here's my list:

Nov '12 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Coriolanus
Dec '12 Shakespeare's Comedy--The Tempest
Jan '13 freebie--Richard III
Feb '13 Shakespeare's History--Henry V
Mar '13 Greek--Antigone
Apr '13 Shakespeare's Comedy--Merry Wives of Windsor
May '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Troilus and Cressida
Jun '13 Oscar Wilde--Salome
Jul '13 Other author--Saint Joan
Aug '13 Shakespeare's Comedy--Measure for Measure
Sep '13 freebie--Macbeth
Oct '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Titus Andronicus

I'll be reviewing here, of course, and keeping track at my challenge blog.



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