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{Book Tour & Give@way} Review--The Queen's Pleasure by Brandy Purdy

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My thoughts:
I always find it interesting to read a historical novel told from the point of view of a historical figure about which very little is known.  It gives a fresh perspective to a story that, even for those of us who are in love with the Tudors, can grow tiresome at times.  Brandy Purdy has done this for us in this wonderful book and has done it very well.

In The Queen's Pleasure, we get to experience the lives and love of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley through the eyes of Amy Robsart Dudley, and we learn of her life with Dudley as well.  Amy is a colorful character who at the same time is very tragic.  She is swept up in a life that she thought was going to be very different and all because of politics and power play.  Such were the times in Tudor England.  Not many were safe from its ill effects.  Though Elizabeth's reign was a good and strong one, the constant jockeying for her hand in marriage was ever present and Robert Dudley was right at the center of it.  When his ambition took flight, there really was no hope for poor Amy, his wife.

All the above aside, what I really want to touch on is Purdy's descriptive and flowing prose.  As I was reading, I felt that I was right there experiencing everything along with the characters, especially in the parts that Amy tells.  To many, Amy may seem a bit too downtrodden, but I saw more.  Purdy has given Amy Robsart life...has given us more than just a woman who was Dudley's wife and who died a suspicious death.  We now see that Amy was once a living, breathing person who loved and believed in her husband and ended up betrayed in the end.  How many women have been led to believe in a dream, only to be tragically disappointed in the end?  Amy speaks for all of those women throughout history.

Although my favorite queen, and probably favorite historical figure of all time, is a character here, Amy Robsart is the true star of this book.  This is my first read by Ms. Purdy and it will not be my last. Read this book if you love the Tudors, but also read it if you feel for the sad plight of all women through the ages.  This is their story, as well as Amy's.

About the book:
Publication Date: June 26, 2012
Kensington Publishing

When young Robert Dudley, an earl's son, meets squire's daughter Amy Robsart, it is love at first sight. They marry despite parental misgivings, but their passion quickly fades, and the ambitious Dudley returns to court. Swept up in the turmoil of Tudor politics, Dudley is imprisoned in the Tower. Also a prisoner is Dudley's childhood playmate, the princess Elizabeth. In the shadow of the axe, their passion ignites. When Elizabeth becomes queen, rumours rage that Dudley means to free himself of Amy in order to wed her. And when Amy is found dead in unlikely circumstances, suspicion falls on Dudley - and the Queen...Still hotly debated amongst scholars - was Amy's death an accident, suicide, or murder? - the fascinating subject matter makes for an enthralling read for fans of historical fiction.

Note: The Queen's Pleasure will be published in the UK under the title A Court Affair by Emily Purdy

About the author:
Brandy Purdy (Emily Purdy in the UK) is the author of the historical novels The Confession of Piers Gaveston, The Boleyn Wife (The Tudor Wife), The Tudor Throne (Mary & Elizabeth, and The Queen's Pleasure (A Court Affair).  An ardent book lover since early childhood, she first became interested in history at the age of nine or ten years old when she read a book of ghost stories which contained a chapter about Anne Boleyn haunting the Tower of London. Visit her website at, you can also follow her, and her cat Tabby, via her blog at or on Facebook as Brandy Purdy - Emily Purdy.

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  1. Thank you so much for a great review. I'm so glad that you liked my depiction of Amy.

  2. I have heard of Amy, but do not remember the title of the book, but am thinking that Cecil may have had a bit of a role in the story of her death. I've always wanted to know more about Amy the person. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I had never heard of Amy before reading your blog post but I agree that historical fiction about lesser known figures can be highly appealing especially since one can only read so many works of Elizabeth I or the Tudors as you said. The lesser known figures can be refreshing and educational as well. Thanks for the giveaway...this would be a new author for me!

    Stiletto Storytime
    stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

  4. This sounds amazing. I adore the Tudors. Thank you for the informative post. I adding this to my little black book of books to read.

  5. I had never heard of Amy before, either. BUT, I have heard a lot about this book and I am really excited to read it! I think reading about the lesser known people is more fun anyway; everyone already knows how the Tudor story, etc end anyway!

    lafra86 at gmail dot com

  6. I had heard of Amy before the interview and se fascinates me! Whenever I have read about her in other books she plays such a sad, tragic minor role in the grander lives of Elizabeth and Robert Dudley that I always felt sorry for her and wanted to know more. This book sounds fascinating!

  7. I've only heard of her recently, in conjunction with this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    nanze55 at hotmail dot com

  8. I have never heard of Amy before. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  9. I have a copy of the book for review so no need to enter me.

    I am eager to read this book, I have read about Amy in other stories and she has always been portrayed as a non entity so it will be interesting to read a book in her point of view. Great review Michelle, and you absolutely need to read Brandy's other works!!

  10. No, I have never heard of Amy Robsart before. I am a newby to Tudor history but I am so excited to learn! I am so excited about this book, I am very eager to read it.


  11. I had not heard of Amy Robsart before I read your post. Thank you for the post and the chance to win this book.

    griperang at embarqmail dot com

  12. No, i'd never heard of her before. I love finding new authors! Thank you!

    auroraione at yahoo dot com

  13. No, I had not heard of Amy Robsart before reading your review. But the book sounds wonderful, and I'd love to read it. Please enter me. Thanks!

  14. Irene Menge GardenGnome12345@aol.comJune 12, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    I remember seeing a PBS program years ago about Elizabeth I in which Amy Robsart was mentioned very briefly in connection with Dudley. Other than that, I know very little about her and would love to learn more.

  15. I actually hadn't heard of Amy Robsart before this blog. I'm glad I've heard of her now, though! I'm always looking for good historical fiction set in this time period.

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