Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I need your input--Read-a-Thon poll

In light of my upcoming High Summer Read-a-Thon (July 16 - 22), I was doing some thinking on the dates and the hosting aspect of the read-a-thons.  I have themed each read-a-thon, as you know, seasonally (based on the seasons as they are in the U.S., with no intentional discrimination against my participants on the other side of the globe...honest) so I host one in January, April, July, and October.  I'm beginning to think that it would be easier on me to schedule them around the same week in their respective months, each year.  I've already settled on permanent names for them.  The Winter read-a-thon is A Winter's Respite, Spring will be known from now on as Spring into Horror, Summer has been the High Summer Read-a-Thon for two summers now, and this Fall, in October, I've decided to condense down the name of the Fall read-a-thon to the hashtag we used for Twitter last year so it will be known from now on as the FrightFall Read-a-Thon.  I'm also considering starting a dedicated blog from which I could host all four of the read-a-thons.  Not only would it make it easier on me (I think), but I think it would be easier for people to follow/subscribe and get the information all in one place.  The scheduled dates for each read-a-thon would be up in the sidebar well in advance for people to plan for them...kind of like Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon.

So, what do I need from you?  There is a handy little poll at the top of the post section.  If you could fill that out for me, I would really appreciate your input.  Feel free to leave a comment with opinions as well, if you would like.

Thank you!



Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. It means so much.

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  1. My answer to the poll is "whatever is easiest for you." I don't really have a preference. :)

  2. I do like the idea of a separate blog, but I'm cool with whatever. I do think I'll be joining you for this upcoming read-a-thon. :) Haven't participated in one in sooooo long!

  3. I feel the need for a read-a-thon, but the weekends and such are so booked up through June, I can't sit down and just read like I want. Do hope you have a great time with them. :D

    Hope you are doing very well dear. It's been so long since we've really had time to chat. Live goes so many directions. :) Take care!

  4. I think one blog for all is a great idea. You could name it seasons of reading :)

  5. Heather--Thanks!

    365--It would be so great to have you join me for a read-a-thon again. =O)

    Mel--It's not until July. Maybe you can join us.

    Kai--You are awesome! I was starting to brainstorm blog title ideas and you just gave me the perfect name! thanks!

  6. I am sorry I can't take part in your High Summer Read-a-Thon but exactly July the 16th I start a canoeing holiday for 11 days in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. I will be reading lots but will have no access to a computer or the internet. Enjoy your Read-a-Thon and hopefully I will be able to take part in autumn.

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