Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mailbox Monday/It's Monday...what are you reading? (late, late edition)

Mailbox Monday is a weekly event hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.

This is going to be a two week edition of MM since I was deathly ill last week.  I'm also having trouble remembering what I even received in the mail...LOL! My brain is fried! =OP

(click titles for book descriptions)

In the Mail:


These two wonderful bookmarks from Monica's (The Bibliophilic Book Blog) fun event, Bookmark Day.  The larger one is Alice in Wonderland and it was created by Serpent Mandala (click the shop name to see a detailed version) on Etsy.  I love it because this version of Alice has dark hair and it has the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit! The large clip bookmark is a Steampunk design.  It's hard to see the detail, but it has a music staff and a gold bird soaring...it reminds me of the Mocking Jay in The Hunger Games! This was created by The Steam Punk Trunk on Etsy.  Gorgeous! I included their links so you can see their other awesome book related stuff.

Fireworks Over Toccoa--Jeffrey Stepakoff (okay, this is going to sound bad, but I never received notification on winning this from a blog so it must have been a publisher specific giveaway.  It came from St. Martin's Press with no other information enclosed.  So thank you to them for the book!)

For review for a blog tour (Other Shelf Tours):

Anastasia's Secret--Susanne Dunlap

For review from the publicist:

Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show--Frank Delaney

From BOMC2 club:

Breaking Dawn--Stephenie Meyer (for my mom for Mother's Day)


From the quarterly Brentwood Library Friends of the Library Sale.  All of these books for $10...they're all hardcover except for Masquerade...and two Pearl Jam CDs from the late 90s/early 2000s for 50 cents each! I ADORE bargains!!!

Murder for Christmas & Three Other Great Mysteries--Agatha Christie
Includes:  Murder for Christmas, The Hollow, Murder in Retrospect and Thirteen at Dinner

Murder in the Manor--Agatha Christie
Includes:  The Secret of Chimneys, The Seven Dials Mystery and Murder at Hazelmoor

The Night Watch--Sarah Waters

The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet (The Adventures of Captain Alatriste)--Arturo Perez-Reverte

Masquerade:  A Blue Bloods Novel--Melissa De La Cruz

Queen of Dragons--Shana Abe'

Wishin' and Hopin':  A Christmas Story--Wally Lamb

It's Monday...What are you reading? is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

Well, I'm finally over the horrible strep throat! This is only the second time in two years (and in my life) that I've had it and let me tell you...this time was excruciating and physically debilitating.  To the powers that be, "No more strep throat...thank you!"

Needless to say, I am so very behind on this blog...with reading, reviews and general blog fun like Ryan's (Wordsmithonia) Favorite Fictional Character (which I hope to resume either this week or next week) and Addicted to the Past, my historical feature that I have grossly neglected.  With my illness and finishing up my semester, I just started drowning.  Thank goodness the semester is officially over Wednesday.  Just have to take my finals tomorrow and Wednesday...woooo hooo!

Currently Reading:

Anastasia's Secret--Susanne Dunlap (blog tour for Other Shelf Tours)
Cardboard--Fiona Place (I have to finish this...I'm reviewing it for the author and it's been awhile!
Live a Life You Love--Dr. Susan Biali, M.D. (another one I have to finish before Lisa at Online Publicist kills me)
The Little Stranger--Sarah Waters (we are reading this for #TuesBookTalk on Twitter)

Plan to start this week:

The Virgin and The Crab--Robert Parry (I told Mr. Parry that I would get to this by the end of April, but strep throat foiled me!)

Near future of reading:

The Red Door--Charles Todd (I don't think I ever included this in a MM post.  I rec'd this from Library Thing for review)
Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show--Frank Delaney
Under the Dome--Stephen King

Review backlog (and an author interview):

Fragile--Chris Katsaropoulos
Hush--Kate White
Queen of the Damned (audio)--Anne Rice
The Dark Divine--Bree Despain
The Hunger Games--Suzanne Collins

How do you like that backlog?  Ugly, isn't it?!

Interview with the author of the new horror novel, Pay Phone, and one of the authors of my recently reviewed Creeping Shadows (click title to read my review)....Brandon Ford.

I also have to catch up with where I am on challenges and decide if I'm going to participate in anymore!

So, what are you reading this week?  Have you been having as much drama as I have?!


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  1. You sure do have a lot of books in line for read, reading, and to read. The only ones that I have read are The Hunger Games and The Dark Divine. I have been wanting to read Anastasia's Secret and will be looking for your review. Happy reading!

  2. hope you bounce back to normal soon! I have a few reviews to do still myself :( Happy reading!

  3. Oh, my, you have several books I'm dying to read! Before Christmas, I wanted the Wally Lamb book...and now, I don't care WHAT time of year I read it.

    The Agatha Christie book looks delicious!

    You will have a great time reading all these. I noticed Hush on your list for reviews...that one's on my stacks. Eager to read your thoughts.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, as well as complimenting my background! You always have intriguing stuff going on here, too. Love your slideshows.

  4. Michelle you have a lot of great books going on! :) I have Anastasias Secret too and cant wait to get into that one.

    Hopefully this week is a bit smoother for you and no more strep throat! :D

  5. Glad to hear that you are feeling better...I have not had even a cold in a few years but I have had strep and it is not fun. Last time I had it I had an ear infection, bronchitis, pink eye and sinus all at the same time. You have lots of good books there. I received "Fireworks Over Toccoa--also with no idea where it came from. I am also curious to find oput how you like Frank Delaney's book...great reading Michelle!!!

  6. Juju--Yeah, I'm trying to participate in the Agatha Christie perpetual challenge. Trying is the key work...I've read one A. Christie so far--Partners in Crime!

    Kathy--Thanks so much for stopping by and following. I actually found you through Jennifer's Reading with Tequila a few weeks ago. Looking forward to some great conversation!

    Mel--Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get caught up as well. =O)

    Laurel-Rain--I alsmost bought Wishin' and Hopin' during Christmas. Glad I waited and got a great bargain. =O)
    You are going to love Hush...I did. You are so welcome and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!

    Sheila--Thanks girl! Things are looking up...I think! Anastasia's Secret is good so far.

    Kathleen--Thanks and yes, I had an ear infection too. Forgot to mention that because it wasn't as bad as the strep...ugh! That is so funny that we have no idea how we got the Fireworks book. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yeah, I'm looking forward to reading the Venetia Kelly book.

  7. Love, love, love, love your mailbox. I'm so thrilled that you got the Agatha Christie books since there are some wonderful mysteries in there. I'm also a little envious of The Night Watch and Venetia Kellys Traveling Show. Enjoy them all!

    I hope you are starting to feel a better and I won't be at the talk tonight because I have a late meeting at work.

  8. yup, you've got a full plate! but lots of book goodies on your plate!

    AWESOME steampunk bookmarks!

    i'm curious about Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show.

    btw: you've just been awarded

  9. oh yeah, same thing happened to me with the Fireworks book. it's a mystery???? but i'll take it as it looks like a nice romantic one ;-D

  10. I guess I'm the only one to not get the Fireworks book, now I'm feeling left out ;-)

  11. Wow that is a lot of books. Fireworks over Toccoa is one I want.
    Yay for Agatha Christie!!

  12. Great list of books to get, win, and all! I do hope you enjoy all them and feel much better. :)

  13. Wow!! That is some list, but not surprising for a bibliophile like myself. I am currently reading The Hunger Games myself. It's not normally the type of book I get into, but as a second hand book dealer you have to read widely and that includes young adult fiction. Surprisingly, I am enjoying it! It's an easy, fast-paced read. Keep up the interesting posts!!

    Happy Reading

    Amber Cross
    Ambire Secondhand Books

  14. So glad that you're feeling better! Hoping the drama will start to wind down now that you're back on your feet.

    Love those bookmarks! I'm afraid to click on the links as I'll probably fall in love, as bookmarks are another weakness of mine. :)

    And don't feel left out Ryan, as I didn't get the Fireworks book either. *L*

  15. Thanks Alexia, now I don't feel so bad :-)

  16. Glad to hear you are over the worst of the ghastly strep throat! You aren't alone with your review backlog (if that makes you feel any better LOL.)Good luck getting caught up!
    Hunger Games was one of my favourite books last year and I have The Dark Divine & Hush on my tbr pile :-)
    Happy reading!!

  17. Thanks everybody for stopping by and for all the well wishes! I am feeling much better! I guess we should play the Twilight Zone theme when it comes to the Fireworks book...LOL!

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