Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cat Thursday

Yay! It's Cat Thursday again. 

At the rate I've been reading lately, he would have plenty of time...LOL! On a side note, for those who read my post yesterday--I found the book I lost.  It was in the Walgreens bag that I had my prescription in from when I went to the doctor for the strep throat over two weeks ago! Some memory, huh?! I'm so relieved!


Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. It means so much.

I apologize for word verification, but as soon as I changed the settings from only users with Google accounts, I started receiving a ton of spam comments...within one hour of changing the settings. The bots are on high alert apparently.

  1. Love it! You find the funniest pictures!

    So glad that you're feeling a little bit better. And yay that you found the missing book! Must have been driving you crazy searching for it. :D

  2. LOL Love it! I played along this week! :)

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