Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mailbox Monday (late, late show)

...that Michelle can never do an on time Mailbox Monday post! LOL! A little Craig Ferguson humor for you.

Mailbox Monday is a weekly event hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.

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In the Mail:


I am now in league with the devil...haha! I won this very nice Sony Reader from Shauna at Book Giveaways.  Thank you so much girl! She is always hosting the most awesome giveaways.  Be sure to stop by her blog.
I have already downloaded 5 FREE ebooks!

-Cranford--Elizabeth Gaskell
-The Mysteries of Udolpho--Ann Ward Radcliffe (the very same book read by Catherine in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey...woo hoo!)
-Essays of Travel and in the Art of Writing--Robert Louis Stevenson
-History of Letter Writing--William Roberts
-Scenario Writing Today--Grace Lytton

O, Juliet--Robin Maxwell 

I won this glorious book from the author herself AND it's signed! I also won a silver heart necklace and earrings.  Thank you Robin for writing such a beautiful book!

Notorious Royal Marriages--Leslie Carroll

Won this one from Allie at Hist-Fic Chick.  Thanks again Allie!

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World--Abigail Reynolds

Won from Martina at She Read a Book.  Thanks Martina!

From Paperback Swap:

The Town That Forgot How To Breathe--Kenneth J. Harvey


From Amazon.com

Dracula: Prince of Many Faces/His Life and His Times--Radu R. Florescu & Raymond T. McNally

Art History: Volume I--Marilyn Stokstad

This is my gorgeous art history textbook.  I just had to share!


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  1. Nice haul...do you have good luck or what?! You won so many cool things!

    Happy Reading!

  2. Nice haul...do you have good luck or what?! You won so many cool things!

    Happy Reading!

  3. I'm reading Cranford on Book Glutton, and really enjoying it. For some reason I didn't connect this author with Wives and Daughters, which I love. Weird.

  4. I promise that I'm going to read The Mysteries of Udlopho some day.

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