Monday, November 30, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.

Just a few things in my mailbox over the past week.


The Fool's Tale by Nicole Galland from Kathleen (Celticlady) at Blog O' The Irish (Thanks!!!)


Wales, 1198. A time of treachery, passion, and uncertainty. King Maelgwyn ap Cadwallon, known as Noble, struggles to protect his small kingdom from foes outside and inside his borders. Pressured into a marriage of political convenience, he takes as his bride the young, headstrong Isabel Mortimer, niece of his powerful English nemesis.

Through strength of character, Isabel wins her husband's grudging respect, but finds the Welsh court backward and barbaric, and is soon engaged in a battle of wills against Gwirion, the king's oldest, oddest, and most trusted friend. Before long, however, Gwirion and Isabel's mutual animosity is abruptly transformed, and the king finds himself as threatened by loved ones as by the enemies who menace his crown.

A masterful novel by a gifted storyteller, The Fool's Tale combines vivid historical fiction, compelling political intrigue, and passionate romance to create an intimate drama of three individuals bound -- and undone -- by love and loyalty. (from Fantastic Fiction)


Beating the Devil's Game: A History of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation by Katherine Ramsland (purchased at Dollar Tree for one dollar!)

No synopsis.  Just a quick note about Katherine Ramsland.  I have a special love for Ms. Ramsland because she has written extensively about one of my favorite authors, Anne Rice.  Books about Anne (or referring to Anne's body of work) include: Prism of the Night: A Biography of Anne Rice, The Anne Rice Trivia Book, The Vampire Companion: The Official Guide to Anne Rice's the Vampire Chronicles, and The Witches' Companion: The Official Guide to Anne Rice's Lives of the Mayfair Witches.

Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare's Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love by Lise Friedman & Ceil Friedman (also from Dollar Tree for one dollar!)


Juliet. She’s one-half of the world’s most famous couple, whose enduring legend draws millions of visitors to Verona every year. But that’s only part of the story. Since the 1930s, Juliet has received an untold number of letters from writers all over the world. Most of the missives talk of love, of course—love found and love lost, love sought and love remembered. They may be written by teenagers in the throes of a first crush or struggling with parental censure. They may be from adults celebrating a hard-won love or wrestling with commitment. They come by the truckload, in almost every imaginable language—composed on ornate stationery, scrawled on loose-leaf, or scribbled on whatever scraps were handy. Frequently addressed simply, “Juliet, Verona,” all of these letters reach their destination and, amazingly enough, all of them receive an answer.

Letters to Juliet is the story of these letters and the volunteers who have been answering them for more than 70 years—volunteers who first acted privately, and who are now sanctioned by the city of Verona to answer thousands of letters each year as part of the Juliet Club. Complete with selected letters, this romantic and poetic book also contains the history behind Shakespeare’s tale and the monuments that fuel the legend. Utterly unique and magical, Letters to Juliet is perfect for anyone who’s ever felt the pangs of love. (from Amazon)

Note:  I thought this book was the neatest concept.  It even has an envelope pasted in the back with an envelope and a pretty piece of stationery for the reader to write and send their own letter to Juliet!

So...what did you get?!

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Happy Reading!


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  1. What a great variety of books you got this week!

  2. Interesting mailbox this week! The Fool's Tale looks really good! Enjoy!

  3. Letters to Juliet looks good. And you won another book?! You are rockin'

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  5. Sorry, my comment posted twice for some reason, so I deleted the duplicate.

    BTW, love the holiday design!

  6. Don't you love The Dollar Tree, you can find some wonderful books there.

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Yes, Ryan...I LOVE the Dollar Tree!

    Deb, I was picked as one of the winners for the Lateiner Gang's mega contest...woot!

  8. I had no idea there was a book, Letters to Juliet -- we just saw a preview for the movie over the weekend. Looks really good!

  9. I had no idea there was a book, Letters to Juliet -- we just saw a preview for the movie over the weekend. Looks really good!

  10. The Fool's Tale sounds really good. I can't wait to read your review, so read this one soon! ;)

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