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Gold: Heart of a Warrior by Eden Robins - Review

Full disclosure...I am not a reader of romance. Magic romance, paranormal romance, etc. I generally steer clear of. Though I don't consider myself a prude (and I'm a Secular Pagan so it's not due to religion either), I am not a fan of sexual tension, or sex scenes in general. If it's there, I'm going to skim over it. 

So, I'm going to separate this review from that aspect of the book. Just a warning though. If you are also not a fan of the above, this is not the book for you. However, if you can get past that, and you like Greek mythology and retellings/reimaginings, then this book is most definitely for you. 

I have always loved Greek mythology. Clash of the Titans was my jam. In this novel we get a twist. A reincarnated Pandora in the present day. A story which splits gods and humans into precious metals. The "good" gods and their warriors are Golds. The baddies are Silver. Humans are Bronze. Oh, and surprise, surprise...Zeus is a jerk. So, as usual we have the gods meddling and mucking things up. I was getting into the story and excited for the outcome because the story does draw one in. However, at times it was difficult to suspend disbelief. Some things just didn't add up. Then it just...ended. I guess I didn't realize this was going to be a series. 

In all, if you like magic romance/paranormal romance, I think you will like this book.

About the book

It’s just gonna be one of those days…Empathic healer and business owner, Dora Alexander decided to celebrate her 25th birthday by exploring the stalagmites and stalactites in Kartchner Caverns. Kinda nerdy? Maybe, but you do you, right? Things take a nasty turn when an earthquake rocks the cave, leaving her alone in complete darkness. Searching for a way out, she accidently awakens an immortal warrior who’s kind of cranky after his 100-year nap. Wouldn’t you be?Philoctetes, one of Demeter’s immortal Gold warriors wakes up to the disturbing sound of a female sobbing. Thinking she’s one of the Silver demons he’s sworn to hunt down and destroy, he almost kills her before realizing she’s human. Correction. Turns out she’s not just human. She’s also the woman responsible for sending his kind to hell and causing woe and misery for the entire human race.Dora never asked to be Pandora reborn. And she certainly didn’t ask to be paired up with an insanely hot immortal demon hunter on a mission to save the world and redeem them both. But The Fates seem to have their own quirky ideas. One of them being if she and said hot demon hunter consummate the inferno like attraction blazing between them, they’ll simply cease to exist, with any memory of their time on earth erased forever.Oh goody, the day just got worse.

About the author

Eden Robins believes in second chances. Eden’s journey as an author started in 2000 with the release of her first book, a time travel romance entitled, Never Until Tomorrow. Over the course of the next eleven years, Eden wrote and shared nine stories from her heart with her readers. After a divorce and big changes to her personal life, Eden’s writing came to a crashing halt and her path took a different direction.

Twelve years after her last romantic tale was published, Eden found a home for her latest novel, Gold: Heart of A Warrior with Champagne Book Group. A magical, modern-day romantic romp into Greek myths come to life, this story gave her a second chance to do what she loves. Write. Connect with Eden Robins and check out her blog, Living the Path.

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