Friday, December 9, 2022

Classics Club Spin #32

My spin selection is 
The Writing Life - Annie Dillard

A cry goes up to the universe...give me something I can actually finish. 
  1. Collected Works - Algernon Blackwood
  2. Complete Ghost Stories - M.R. James
  3. Negotiating with the Dead - Margaret Atwood
  4. The Witch of Ravensworth - George Brewer
  5. The Vein of Gold - Julia Cameron
  6. The Writing Life - Annie Dillard
  7. Murder in the Cathedral - T.S. Eliot
  8. The Collector - John Fowles
  9. Writing Past Dark - Bonnie Friedman
  10. Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg
  11. The House on the Borderland - William Hope Hodgson
  12. Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens - Paul Huson
  13. Steering the Craft - Ursula K. Le Guin
  14. The Forest for the Trees - Betsy Lerner
  15. Some Dogmas of Religion - J.M.E. McTaggart
  16. The Faith of a Writer - Joyce Carol Oates
  17. The War of Art - Steven Pressfield
  18. The Creative Habit -Twyla Tharp
  19. If You Want to Write - Brenda Ueland
  20. The Writing of Fiction - Edith Wharton

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  1. Hope you get a great one! You have a lot of marvelous books on the list.

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