Thursday, June 17, 2021

Cat Thursday - Rest in Peace, Alice Anne

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On Sunday, I found Alice on the floor early in the morning convulsing (it appeared). She was in obvious distress and could not get up. She's 14 so up in age. I drove her to the emergency vet office in Saginaw. She had a myriad of tests (blood, urine, etc.). She was in early stage kidney failure and she was hypoglycemic. Vet suspected a possible tumor on her pancreas, or a brain tumor. She had been fine, though a little slow going the past couple of weeks. This was very sudden. I had to make the difficult decision to let her go. I didn't want her to suffer, or have a poor quality of life. It is so very heart-wrenching. I can hardly bear it. 14 years of so much love. I know she had a great life. We will miss her so much. I was with her. Mom was with us too. This was her in our final moments together, before she crossed over the Rainbow bridge. Rest in peace, my Alice Anne. I will always love you. 

A look back at her wonderful life...

The early days (some of the pictures aren't great. It was 2007/08). She was four months old when we got her and she was always big for her age.

Birthdays were always special. She loved her brothers and they adored her. Bottom middle was her last birthday, her 14th, in February.

She adored her Grandma.

With her sissy.

She loved boxes...of all kinds...

and loved joining us on game night.

Sadly, no pics of me with her, but in the three below, I'm holding her. 

A photo miscellany of her over the years. She was a treasure. We sure are going to miss her. Life just won't be the same without her. 

I'm linking this post to her photo in the side bar. Here's the link to when I introduced her to the blog back in 2009.

Rest well, Alice. ❤❤❤

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  1. Condolences. She was a beautiful cat.

  2. Such a beautiful old girl, and her passing a terrible loss. The sting of losing such a wonderful companion never fully goes away, but may you and yours find peace.

  3. Fly free Alice Ann ! You are off on your next adventure but you will be missed and never forgotten for the love you gave and received.

  4. What a beauty! Hugs. She lived a good life with you.

  5. Big love and hugs. I always enjoyed posts and pics of Alice. Rest in peace sweet kitty.

  6. So sorry that you had to say goodbye to your sweet cat. So hard--I love your photo tribute. Take care.

  7. Oh Michelle, deepest condolences, my heart goes out to you.

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