Friday, April 23, 2021

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon - April 2021

This is the year! I have completely cleared my schedule this time. No work. No movie theater or going out to eat. Staying home and getting my read on! I have a nice batch of unhealthy snacks (yes, I'm indulging myself) and a fantastic reading stack. I just wish I wasn't such a slow reader. I know I have no hope of getting through them all, but one can dream. Right? Oh, and I'm also limiting time on social media big time. I'll be updating mostly on Instagram (or Facebook). May not even open my computer...just use my phone. 

So, here's my stack...

And here's my snacks...

Are you participating this year? If so, good luck to you. May the reading gods look on us favorably.

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  1. I've got peanut M&Ms too! A readathon tradition...and just generally in my pantry all the time. lol. Have fun reading!

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