Thursday, December 8, 2016

#CatThursday #Christmas Week 2 - In Memoriam for Emma & Sneakers

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One of our good friends here at Cat Thursday (Gina at Book Dragon) lost her beautiful boy, Sneakers, a couple of weeks ago. It was a hard decision her family had to make and I know they were heartbroken, but sometimes the well-being of our beloved pets is all we can think about. Sneakers was lucky to have such loving pet parents. RIP, Sneakers. My thoughts and hugs go out to Gina and her family.

My mom had to make that same difficult decision last week with her 15 year old kitty, Emma. She had been battling thyroid disease for several years. Her quality of life was so low in recent years. Last Thursday morning, she fell and mom thinks she had a seizure. Then she wasn't able to move around much and went into hiding, as cats are wont to do when they're sick. Mom took her to the vet and they were thinking she was in kidney failure. Mom just did not want her to suffer any longer. 

We are all so sad. Emma was part of the family. My boys and I live with my mom so we were around Emma all the time. I bonded with Emma when she was little. When mom was still living in Michigan, and I was pregnant with my older son, Gabe, we traveled up there because mom was having a baby shower for me with my Michigan friends and family. We stayed at mom's and Emma was this little tiny thing. She was my constant companion during that visit and I cried when we left to come home (you can barely see her in the pic of us below...I'm holding her).

We are already missing her greatly and mom is heartbroken. It really is like losing a part of the family. Rest in peace, dear Emma. We love you and know that you will be happy again across the Rainbow Bridge.


Just so we're not crying the rest of the day, here's a bit of Christmas funny. (Probably not a preview any longer. Most likely going on right now in many households. lol)

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  1. It's always sad to lose a friend. My condolences to Gina and your Mom as well. It's lovely to know how loved they were and the joy they brought to the two families.

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of both of these wonderful kitties. When we lose our fluffy beasts we lose a part of us that may never be replaced.

  3. Condolences to Gina on losing Sneakers and to your Mom losing Emma. The cat that I had since I was 7 years old died September 2015 after 18 years with me and it still tears me to pieces when I see her pictures pop up on Facebook but I'm glad that the kitties were so loved and loved enough that their families knew what the right thing to do for them was. It's hard but I think it's a great act of love in and of itself.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss and your friend's loss - it's been a tough week of good-byes in the kitty world.

  5. Thanks, that was really nice. Hugs to you and your Mom.

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