Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#BannedBooksWeek 2016 - Which banned book character would you want to eat lunch with?

I'm taking my answer from the Banned and Challenged Classics list at the ALA. Number 40 on the list: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

First, the reason this was banned, and in this case, it was banned, or should I say burned.

  • Burned in Alamagordo, NM (2001) outside Christ Community Church along with other Tolkien novels as satanic.
Here we go again with calling fantasy books satanic. Can you believe this happened as recently as 2001? Actually, I can. There are some really delusional people out there. 

The character I would have lunch with from this book/series? Gandalf!

Can you imagine what an interesting conversation that would be? I always love the whimsy Gandalf has when he interacts with the Hobbits, and yet he is strong, and very smart. It would be exciting to pick his brain about the history of Middle Earth and all of his experiences.

I actually have a top three, Gandalf being the first:

2. Scarlett O'hara
3. Celie (The Color Purple)

Who would you have lunch with?

Here are some Banned Books Week statistics...


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  1. Excellent choices, but my top three would probably be the golden trio from Harry Potter! :)

    1. I went with characters from classic books on this post, but I agree that characters from Harry Potter would be a great choice. :-)

  2. I've never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I have seen the movies and I'd have to agree that would be an interesting conversation. How I would love to talk to those two ladies!

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