Friday, July 25, 2014

High Summer Read-a-Thon - Update #HSreadathon

Well, it hasn't been a real stellar week for the reading, but I have been able to squeeze in a bit here and there.

  • 2 chapters of The Crystal Cave
  • about 100 pages of The Lady and the Unicorn
  • Read Blade of the Samurai, 304 pages (review coming shortly)
Hoping to make a good dent in The Queen's Exiles this weekend and get started on March by Geraldine Brooks.

Twitter chat for the read-a-thon tonight at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST. Hashtag #HSreadathon


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  1. You are doing great! I completely forgot to look for the day and time of the Twitter chat, hope you all had a good one. Thanks again for hosting!

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