Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter 2014 Mini-Bloggiesta -- My To Do List

It's that time again! Mini-Bloggiesta time! I have a few things I want to get to...hopefully. Here's my list:
Eleventh hour additions...I knew I was forgetting something!
  • update header and Facebook cover image for Historical Fiction Connection
  • write interview for Heather Webb tour stop at HFC on Thursday
  • respond to blog tour emails and requests for Historical Fiction Connection
Sign up for Mini-Bloggiesta HERE. Check out their mini-challenge list HERE.



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  1. Nice list, I added quite a few things to my Bloggiesta goals in the eleventh hour. Maybe one too many things. Good luck with your Bloggiesta Michelle.

  2. Great list! Good luck with completing the whole thing!

    I will be watching for those write-a-thon dates because I will be in! And, I don't really participate in challenges anymore, but I'm curious about your Stephen King mini-challenges. I'm determined to work more on catching up with his novels this year!

  3. That is a nice to do list. I have to check out the winter respite read a thon. I love read a thons and I seem to do just two a year. Good luck and happy Bloggiesta!

  4. Thanks for the links to all the write-a-thons and read-a-thons, I wasn't aware of those and will consider signing up. Good luck with the Bloggiesta!

  5. Oh! I also forgot about the Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon! I need to sign up for that. I hope you're getting some work done on the blog. I really need to write one more review....

  6. I got several things done and I'm going to keep working...even after it ends. I slept in late this morning. lol! Plus, I have to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock really late tonight because I was watching the Grammy awards.

    Hope to see you at Winter's Respite!

  7. Thank you for visiting! I hope you will think about signing up. The more the merrier, of course!

  8. Thanks! I'm getting some stuff accomplished. I hope you will join us for the read-a-thon.

  9. Thanks, Tif!

    Yeah, I still have to figure out the write-a-thon thing. I've got to come up with a time when I'm not so busy. HaHa...fat laugh!

    My Stephen King challenge is perpetual. I started it about two years ago and I try to have mini-challenges so people will be inspired to read, but I'm having trouble coming up with something. Sign's very low maintenance. ;O)

  10. Thanks, Whitney! Yeah, I think I added too much, but I'm still working on it. Hope yours went well.

  11. Lisa, you better get over there and sign up. LOL! Seriously though, I hope you do.

  12. Oh, I completely forgot about Winter's Respite!


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