Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top ten posts I think give you the best glimpse of me

Top Ten Tuesday Hosted by The Broke and Bookish
  1. Why I Like Your Blog--my motto...stay true to yourself above all things
  2. Favorite Fictional Character--The Vampire Lestat--my love for Anne Rice knows no bounds
  3. What is your all time favorite book? Movie?--Anne Rice again and Braveheart. My history blog, A Brave Heart, was inspired by the historical hero of this film, William Wallace.
  4. All About Alice and Cat Thursday: An Extra Special Edition--I grouped these two together because anyone who knows me, knows I love cats, especially my own cats.
  5. Banned Books Week 2009--a favorite author...Stephen King--another favorite author and a topic I'm very passionate about...Banned Books.
  6. Favorite Fictional Character--Scrooge--epitomizes my love of Christmas and my favorite Christmas book, A Christmas Carol.
  7. Addicted to the Past--Queen Elizabeth I signs Mary Stuart's Death Sentence--my passion for history and my favorite historical figure. 
  8. Favorite Fictional Character--Ayla--one of my favorite books and a treatise on women's lib...sort of. *L*
  9. Book Tour:  The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot--Review--my passion for historical fiction is well reflected in this review...
  10. and this one...Book Tour: Review of Eromenos by Melanie McDonald (there are more, but this one especially stresses what I feel is the importance of historical fiction as a genre)


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  1. Excellent choices - they certainly do reflect what you love about reading and so much more.

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