Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Self-Imposed Read-a-Thon

I've decided to embark on a self-imposed read-a-thon starting tonight and going through Friday night.  I have several books to catch up on and I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  Speaking of that, have you heard?  I received a Klout perk of a Shrek family fun night at the Opryland hotel for this weekend.  And guess what?  It's absolutely free.  Free activities, free meals, free ride on the Delta Riverboat, and we get to stay overnight at the hotel.  I live in Nashville, but sadly have never been to the Opryland hotel so we're really excited.  So, if you haven't checked out Klout yet, you might want to.  I still can't believe I lucked out with this and I wouldn't have won it if I wasn't on Klout!

Back to the personal read-a-thon.  I will be reading the following:

The Rebel Wife by Taylor M. Polites (book tour/review due on Friday)
The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau (finishing up for review due on Monday)
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (still plugging away...trying to catch up)
The Secret History by Donna Tartt (Just for Fun Reading Challenge)
Shakespeare's Macbeth 

There shall be some late night reading tonight and tomorrow night.  That is, if I can stay awake! We will see how much I can accomplish.  I still have to clean house tomorrow and I have a couple of errands to run, but I still have a lot of time to read (if I can refrain from wasting time, which I'm incredibly good at!).

Would anyone care to join me?



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  1. I'll join you. (Quietly, like last time.) I just posted about it.

    Good luck with your reads -- especially Gone With the Wind and Macbeth! Two of my favorites. :)

  2. I wish I could, but I'll be working overtime. Drat. Anyway, I hope you'll be able to finish all your listed books. I'll be taking up Gone with the Wind soon.

    Congratulations on your win! I'm on Klout, too, but I haven't explored it very well yet.


  3. I won't be joining this time, but good luck! *cheer*

  4. I would, but I have family in town and a self-imposed read-a-thon might be a little rude. I think I'll do one in March!

    -- Justice // @cheapblackpens

  5. I will join you. I will do as much as I can, but I do have a lot of books to get through as well.

  6. A thousand kudos to you if you manage to make it through all five books in 72 hours. MacBeth as the closer is bordering on the masochistic (though sleep-deprived Shakespeare could be oddly inspiring).

    Viel Glück

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