Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TuesBookTalk January Selection: The Scarlet Letter

TuesBookTalk Read-a-Longs on Twitter (@tuesbooktalk  #tuesbooktalk) and on Goodreads is reading in the classics genre for January.  We voted on classics that had themes of new beginnings, starting over, diving into something different to coincide with the new year.  Our discussion starts Tuesday, January 3 on Twitter at 10:30pm ET/9:30pm CT.  You do not have to join us on Twitter.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the Goodreads group if you can't make the chat on Twitter.  Get the full reading schedule HERE.  January's read is:


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  1. The Scarlet Letter is a great classic. I never really liked it until I saw the film version and then re-read it. Somehow I enjoyed it better.

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