Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, back in December I was given a chance to give my honest opinion on some products from CSN Stores.  With my move and all (and we're STILL moving), I haven't had much of a chance to really sit down and think about the lovely products I was given the opportunity to order and give my honest opinion on.  Now here I am...long apologies.

First of all, let me talk about the cooking pans.  The set I ordered was this Paula Deen-Porcelain Enamel Signature 12 Piece Cookware Set.  The color is called butter and I love it.  So bright and sunshiny! I actually ordered these from their Clearance Center (clearance items are usually returned items that a customer was not happy with) and there was not a thing wrong with them.  Maybe the color wasn't their cup of tea?  Anyway, these pans are such good quality.  We have used them almost every night since we received them around the end of December and the non-stick coating isn't even scratched.  I love the clear glass lids which enable a clear view of what's being cooked, plus they make the pans look even more gorgeous.  See for yourself....

I also ordered this Mango Serving Tray with Handles.  I have a large rectangular ottoman in my living room that serves as an ottoman/coffee table and I wanted a tray to place on it for decorative purposes and for sitting drinks on, etc.  It's really nice looking, as you can see...

My final item was this Jubilee 3 Dimensional Pom Pom Fringe Throw.  I love the look of it...the pom poms are a whimsical touch and besides the decorative aspect, it's also very warm.  It has been a nice comfort during the cold winter we had this year.  A nice cozy throw to cover up with while I'm reading a good book.  Take a look...

Shopping at CSN is a wonderful experience.  They have everything under the sun that a person could want and quality products at reasonable prices.  Also, the products arrive very quickly and intact.  I will definitely be visiting them often!

I received a gift certificate from CSN as a promotion.  The opinions and review are my honest opinion.


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  1. Love the look of those pans! Don't think I've ever seen yellow cookware before, but it's such a happy color! :)

    Glad that everything you received turned out great, as I love all of the CSN stores! Enjoy!

  2. I need some new cookware but I'm never sure what I want when I go and look at them. One of these days I'll make a decesion.

    Love the tray and the throw (especially the color). I'm glad you are enjoying all your goodies.

  3. Awesome. They keep emailing me. I'll have to give them a second look. Go with a little something for myself as a treat. Thanks.

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