Saturday, January 9, 2010

Challenges...just can't get enough!

I'm just about finished signing up for all the challenges I have so insanely decided to take on! Here are four more.  CLICK HERE to go to my challenge blog and see what I'll be reading.

ARC Reading Challenge 2010
Celebrate the Author
GLBT Challenge 2010
Read Your Name Challenge

Happy (Challenge) Reading =O)


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  1. love hearing about your challenges! You've found some really good ones this year!

  2. 4 more? You're crazier than I am! I just counted the books I need to read for challenges this year--44. At least your name has all good letters for finding books.

  3. Oh, what a lovely blog! So glad I found it -- I see we enjoy many of the same authors...Anne Rice, Elizabeth Kostova, Ken Follett... so many! Wonderful! I'll definitely be checking in to see what you are reading in 2010!

    Joanne @ Slice of Life


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