HF Connection Submissions

Do not contact me to review your book. I will promote your work using a submission from you in your own words. Submit a guest post, article or feature for how you would like to be represented on my site. Please note that we are not your advertising space. Please send something exclusive that will not be reprinted elsewhere.

I have a contact form here on the blog. Please use that for any queries following the guidelines below. You do not have to submit any materials via the contact form. Once I respond to you via the email you leave in the contact form, you may then submit your materials by responding to my email.

Also, please provide us with the standard summary, a photo of the cover, and that little extra such as a one-of-a-kind commentary about your book. A book giveaway to be hosted here, mailed by you, would be welcomed and much appreciated, but certainly not required! You may send your guest post on Word format or pasted within the email you send.

Still don't know what to send? I would love to hear about your own muse.. your historical figure or era that intrigues and inspires you! What do you feel is unique about your book? What interesting and intriguing topic did you stumble upon during your research? Tell me about it, in about 500 - 600 words, adding pictures where you would like.

I reserve the right to not post something for any reasons I deem necessary, such as any content that would not be suitable for all audiences. Since this site is a hobby, we cannot commit ourselves to any article that you request. If we have time to pursue our hobby, we will in turn pursue your request. However, please understand that we work full time and have families that are our priorities at all times. 

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