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They were so cute, especially Ron.
Since I'm all nostalgic about the end of the series, both books and movies, I thought I would participate in this meme I saw over at Tasha's blog.  The meme was created by TifTalksBooks.  I finished book #7 recently and I saw the movie on Saturday so be watching for my book/movie review coming soon.

When and Where (when you first discovered the series):  I was almost 30 when the first book was released.  In fact, it came out two weeks before my birthday.  I'm pretty sure my young cousins were the ones that told me about it.  They were around 8 and 11 years old so they were right at the age for the books.  I'm not sure when I actually got the first book, but I read it well before the first movie came out.  A bit of trivia for you.  My older son was born two weeks before the first movie came out in 2001.  We went to see it Thanksgiving weekend (I think) and took him with us.  It was his first movie! Granted, he was an infant in his infant carrier and he slept straight through, but still.... (Incidentally, his second movie was The Fellowship of the Ring, which came out that December!)

Favorite Character:  What a hard one! I love Sirius Black, but he's in the books such a short time.  Probably Hermione is a favorite and I have to say Snape (for anyone who has ever been misunderstood).  And then there's Ron....Oh, I could go on and on!

Most Hated Character:  Lord Voldemort and I have a special dislike for Lucius Malfoy.

Favorite Book:  Order of the Phoenix  not many people liked this one, but it was my favorite.  I think it was because it showed Harry finally taking charge and growing up.  I read this one really fast!

Favorite Movie:  Prisoner of Azkaban because of the introduction of Sirius Black and Professor Lupin.  I also really liked Goblet of Fire because I enjoyed the introduction of the other schools and the dance.  I really love all the movies though!

Rank the Books (1 = favorite, 7 = least favorite)

1. Order of the Phoenix
2. Prisoner of Azkaban
3. Goblet of Fire
4. Half-Blood Prince
5. Deathly Hallows
6. Chamber of Secrets
7. Sorcerer's Stone

Most Memorable Scene:  My most memorable scene is a sad one.  When Sirius Black gets killed in Order of the Phoenix.  A happy one I loved was when Harry caused Lucius to give Dobby a sock, therefore freeing him.  Priceless!

What You Will Miss the Most:  looking forward to reading the new books and to the movies coming out. =O(

What You Are Looking Forward To (even despite the end):  I'm not quite sure how I feel about Pottermore yet, but I am looking forward to what Rowling will write next.  She is going to write more (not Harry Potter, I know) books, isn't she?  I hope so! I'm also looking forward to seeing what Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson do next in their careers.  I heard Emma is doing Beauty and the Beast with Guillermo Del Toro.

What are your favorite Harry Potter memories?


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  1. Hermione and Snape are my favorites too. And also Ron!
    I was 10 when I read the first book. I am so sad that there is no more HP to look forward to any more.

  2. Even though I don't like the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, I loved Gary Oldman as Sirius. He was *exactly* the way I envisioned Sirius in my head! Not just the way he looked, but how he acted.

  3. Oh, I loved the Prisoner movie! And Sirius/Gary Oldman is just hot!

    I didn't know there's a new Beauty and the Beast in the works. Guillermo del Toro is such a superb director with really unusual movies. I cannot wait to see his version of this fairy tale will be.

  4. Thank you so much for participating and so sorry for taking so long to respond!

    Do you know what I've found most interesting as I read through these? Almost everyone rates the first two books as their least favorite! I do believe that they get stronger as they go. If this is the case, can you imagine what Rowling's next piece of work will be like when she finally does release something?!? I'm thinking it has to be good! :)

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