Backlist Challenge

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  • These are books by the authors that I have not read (unless I plan a reread). Any books not listed I have either already read, have not purchased (yet), or I'm unaware of other titles.
  • If I do not own some of the author's books, and I plan to continue reading said author, or there is a series of his/hers I need to complete, I will mark books I do not own with an *
Peter Ackroyd
English Music
The Plato Papers
The Clerkenwell Tales
Milton in America
The Trial of Elizabeth Cree
The Lambs of London

Isabel Allende
The Infinite Plan
The House of the Spirits October 2023
Daughter of Fortune
Portrait in Sepia
The Stories of Eva Luna
City of the Beasts
Island Beneath the Sea

Jean M. Auel
Clan of the Cave Bear (reread)
The Valley of Horses
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone
The Land of Painted Caves

Elizabeth Berg
Never Change
True to Form
The Pull of the Moon
What We Keep
Open House
The Art of Mending
Durable Goods
The Year of Pleasures
Joy School

Chris Bohjalian
Skeletons at the Feast
The Double Bind
Before You Know Kindness
The Night Strangers
Secrets of Eden
The Light in the Ruins
*A Killing in the Real World
*Past the Bleachers
*The Flight Attendant
*Close your Eyes, Hold Hands
*The Guest Room
* The Sleepwalkers
* The Red Lotus
*Hour of the Witch

A.S. Byatt
The Biographer's Tale
The Shadow of the Sun
Still Life
Babel Tower
A Whistling Woman
The Virgin in the Garden
The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye
Angels and Insects

Michael Chabon
The Final Solution
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
Wonder Boys
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Tracy Chevalier
Falling Angels
Burning Bright
The Last Runaway July 2023
The Virgin Blue
Remarkable Creatures
At the Edge of the Orchard

Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist
The Fifth Mountain
The Devil and Miss Prym
Eleven Minutes
The Zahir - A Novel of Obsession
The Witch of Portobello
By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept
The Winner Stands Alone
The Spy

Bernard Cornwell
The Winter King - Arthur 1
Enemy of God - Arthur 2
Excalibur - Arthur 3
The Archers Tale - Grail Quest 1
Vagabond - Grail Quest 2
Heretic - Grail Quest 3
*1356 - Grail Quest 4
The Last Kingdom - Saxon 1
The Pale Horseman - Saxon 2
Lords of the North - Saxon 3
Sword Song: Battle for London - Saxon 4
The Burning Land - Saxon 5
Death of King - Saxon 6
The Pagan Lord - Saxon 7
The Empty Throne - Sazon 8
*Warriors of the Storm - Saxon 9
*The Flame Bearer - Saxon 10
*War of the Wolf - Saxon 11
*Sword of Kings - Saxon 12
Red Coat
Gallow's Thief

Daphne Du Maurier
Hungry Hill
Mary Anne
Rule Britannia
I'll Never Be Young Again
Castle Dor
The Doll - The Lost Short Stories
The Parasites

Sarah Dunant
The Birth of Venus
In the Company of the Courtesan
Mapping the Edge
Sacred Hearts
Blood and Beauty

Dorothy Dunnett
Niccolo Rising - House of Niccolo 1
The Spring of the Ram - 2
Race of Scorpions - 3
Scales of Gold - 4
The Unicorn Hunt - 5
To Lie with Lions - 6
Caprice and Rondo - 7
Gemini - 8
The Game of Kings - Lymond Chronicles 1
Queen's Play - 2
The Disorderly Knights - 3
*Pawn in Frankincense - 4
*The Ringed Castle - 5
*Checkmate - 6

David Eddings
Pawn of Prophecy - The Belgaried 1
Queen of Sorcery - 2
Magician's Gambit - 3
*Castle of Wizardry - 4
*Enchanters End Game - 5
Guardians of the West - The Malloreon 1
King of Murgos - 2
Demon Lord of Karanda - 3
Sorceress of Darshiva - 4
The Seeress of Kell - 5

Jasper Fforde
The Eyre Affair - Thursday Next 1
Lost in a Good Book - 2
The Well of Lost Plots - 3
Something Rotten - 4
Thursday Next: First Primary Sequels - 5
One of Our Thursdays is Missing - 6
*The Woman Who Died a Lot - 7
*Dark Reading Matter

Margaret George
The Memoirs of Cleopatra
Mary Called Magdalene
Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles
The Autobiography of Henry VIII
Helen of Troy
Elizabeth I

Kaye Gibbons
Ellen Foster
The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster
A Virtuous Woman
On the Occasion of my Last Afternoon
A Cure of Dreams
Sights Unseen
Divining Women
Charms for the Easy Life

Carol Goodman
The Lake of Dead Languages
The Seduction of Water
The Night Villa
The Drowning Tree
The Ghost Orchid
The Sonnet Lover

Philippa Gregory
The Lady of the Rivers - Plantagenet/Tudor 1
The White Queen - 2
The Red Queen - 3
The Kingmaker's Daughter - 4
The White Princess - 5
The Constant Princess - 6
*The King's Curse - 7
*Three Sisters, Three Queens - 8
The Other Boleyn Girl - 9
*The Boleyn Inheritance - 10
*The Taming of the Queen - 11
*The Queen's Fool - 12
The Virgin's Lover - 13
*The Last Tudor - 14
The Other Queen - 15
Changeling - Order of Darkness 1
Earthly Joys

Alice Hoffman
Blackbird House
Seventh Heaven
Blue Diary
Skylight Confessions
The Dovekeepers
The Probable Future
The Red Garden
The Third Angel
The Museum of Extraordinary Things
The Rules of Magic - Practical Magic 0.2
The Marriage of Opposites
*Here on Earth
*Magic Lessons - Practical Magic 0.1
*The World That We Know
*Everything My Mother Taught Me
*The Ice Queen
*The Story Sisters
*The Book of Magic - Practical Magic 2
*Green Angel
*Turtle Moon
*Illumination Night
*At Risk
*Second Nature
*Local Girls
*Fortune's Daughter
*The Foretelling
*Survival Lessons
*Green Witch
*The Drowning Season
*Green Heart
*Property Of
*White Horses
*Angel Landing

Cecelia Holland
The Soul Thief - The Life & Times of Corban Loosestrife 1
The Witches' Kitchen - 2
The Serpent Dreamer - 3
*Varanger - 4
*The High City - 5
Kings of the North - 6
The Secret Eleanor
The Belt of Gold
Pillar of the Sky
The King's Witch

John Irving
The World According to Garp
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Cider House Rules
*The Hotel New Hampshire
A Widow for One Year
The Fourth Hand
In One Person
Until I Find You
A Son of the Circus
Trying to Save Piggy Sneed
*Last Night in Twisted River

Jeanne Kalogridis
Covenant of the Vampire - 1
Children of the Vampire - 2
Lord of the Vampires - 3
The Burning Times
I, Mona Lisa
The Borgia Bride
The Devil's Queen
The Scarlet Contessa (?)
*The Inquisitor's Wife
*The Orphan of Florence
*The Vampire Lover

Dean Koontz
The Voice of the Night
The Servants of Twilight
Twilight Eyes
Dragon Tears
From the Corner of His Eye
By Light of the Moon
The Face
Life Expectancy
The Taking
The Husband
Icebound (audio)
Your Heart Belongs to Me
The Darkest Evening of the Year
Odd Thomas - 1
Dark Rivers of the Heart
77 Shadow Street
Frankenstein Omnibus - Prodigal Son, City of Night, Dead or Alive
Lost Souls - 4
*The Dead Town - 5
The City
The Key to Midnight
*Odd Thomas: You are Destined to be Together Forever - 0.5
*Forever Odd - 2
*Brother Odd - 3
*Odd Hours - 4
*Odd Interlude 1 - 4.1
*Odd Interlude 2 - 4.2
*Odd Interlude 3 - 4.3
*Odd Interlude 4.5
*Odd Apocalypse - 5
*Deeply Odd - 6
*Saint Odd - 7

Stephen R. Lawhead
Taliesin - Pendragon Cycle 1
Merlin - 2
Arthur - 3
*Pendragon - 4
*Grail - 5
Avalon: The Return of King Arthur
The Iron Lance - Celtic Crusades 1
The Black Rood - 2
The Mystic Rose - 3
The Paradise War - Song of Albion 1
The Silver Hand - 2
The Endless Knot - 3
Hood - King Raven 1
Scarlet - 2
*Tuck - 3
Patrick: Son of Ireland
The Skin Map - Bright Empires 1 (8 more works, if I continue series)

Doris Lessing
The Golden Notebook
The Cleft
Love, Again
The Summer Before Dark
Mara and Dann
The Grass is Singing
The Good Terrorist

Jeff Long
Deeper (Descent 2)
The Ascent
Year Zero
The Reckoning
The Wall

Gregory Maguire
Wicked - Wicked Years 1
Son of a Witch - 2
A Lion Among Men - 3
Out of Oz - 4
Mirror, Mirror
What the Dickens
The Next Queen of Heaven
After Alice (?)
*Hiddensee: A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker

Juliet Mariller
Daughter of the Forest - Sevenwaters 1
Son of Shadows - 2
Child of the Prophecy - 3
Heir to Sevenwaters - 4
*Seer of Sevenwaters - 5
Flame of Sevenwaters - 6
Wildwood Dancing - Wildwood 1
Cybele's Secret - 2
The Dark Mirror - Bridei Chronicles 1
Blade of Fortriu - 2
*The Well of Shades - 3
*Wolfskin - Saga of Light Isles 1
Foxmask - 2

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love in the Time of Cholera
Of Love and Other Demons
Memories of My Melancholy Whores
One Hundred Years of Solitude December 2023
The General in His Labyrinth

George R.R. Martin
A Storm of Swords - Song of Ice and Fire 3
A Feast for Crows - 4
A Dance with Dragons - 5
*The Winds of Winter - 6
*A Dream of Spring - 7
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Fire and Blood - Targaryen History 1
Fevre Dream

Iris Murdoch
The Green Knight
The Bell
A Fairly Honourable Defeat
The Sacred and Profane Love Machine
The Philosopher's Pupil
The Book and the Brotherhood
Jackson's Dilemma
Henry and Cato
The Sea, The Sea
The Black Prince
The Good Apprentice
The Message to the Planet
An Accidental Man

Patricia McKillip
Song for the Basilisk
The Book of Atrix Wolfe
The Tower of Stony Wood
Winter Rose 1
*Solstice Wood - 2
*The Changeling Sea
*Od Magic
*In the Forests of Serre
*The Bell at Sealey Head
*The Bards of Bone Plain

Robin McKinley
Beauty - Folktales 1
*Rose Daughter - 2

Joyce Carol Oates
We Were the Mulvaneys
The Falls
The Gravedigger's Daughter
Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque
Missing Mom
Freaky Green Eyes
Black Girl/White Girl
My Heart Laid Bare
The Tattooed Girl
Mysteries of Winterthurn - Gothic Saga 3
The Collector of Hearts: New Tales of the Grotesque
You Must Remember This
Wild Nights
My Sister, My Love
A Fair Maiden
Little Bird of Heaven
The Accursed
The Barrens
Black Water
A Widow's Story
The Faith of a Writer
The Corn Maiden
A Book of American Martyrs

Ann Patchett
Bel Canto
The Magician's Assistant
State of Wonder
The Dutch House

Sharon Kay Penman
Here Be Dragons - Welsh Princes 1
Falls the Shadow - 2
*The Reckoning - 3
When Christ and His Saints Slept - Aquitaine/Plantagenet 1
Time and Chance - 2
Devil's Brood - 3
*Lionheart - Plantagenets 4
*A King's Ransom - 5
The Queen's Man - Justin de Quincey 1
Cruel as the Grave - 2
Dragon's Lair - 3
Prince of Darkness - 4
The Sunne in Splendour

Arturo Perez-Reverte
The Seville Communion
The Fencing Master
The Queen of the South
The Flanders Panel
The Painter of Battles
The Nautical Chart
Captain Alatriste - 1
Purity of Blood - 2
The Sun Over Breda - 3
*The King's Gold - 4
The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet - 5
*Pirates of the Levant - 6
*The Assassins Bridge - 7

Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child
Relic - Pendergast 1
Reliquary - 2
*The Cabinet of Curiosities - 3
Still Life with Crows - 4
Brimstone - 5
Dance of Death - 6
*The Book of the Dead - 7
The Wheel of Darkness - 8
Cemetery Dance - 9
*Fever Dream - 10
*Cold Vengeance - 11
Two Graves - 12
White Fire - 13
Blue Labyrinth - 14
*Crimson Shore - 15
*The Obsidian Chamber - 16
*City of Endless Night - 17
*Verses for the Dead - 18
*Crooked River - 19
*Bloodless - 20
*The Cabinet of Dr Leng - 21
Mount Dragon
The Lost City of the Monkey God
The Monster of Florence

Mary Renault
Fire from Heaven - Alexander the Great 1
The Persian Boy - 2
Funeral Games - 3
The King Must Die - Theseus 1
The Bull from the Sea - 2
The Mask of Apollo
The Praise Singer
The Charioteer
*The Last of the Wine

Mary Doria Russell
The Sparrow
A Thread of Grace
Dreamers of the Day
The Women of the Copper Country

John Saul
Black Lightning
The Blackstone Chronicles (Vol 1 - 6)
The Right Hand of Evil
The Devil's Labyrinth
The Manhattan Hunt Club
House of Reckoning

Manda Scott
Dreaming the Eagle - Boudica 1
Dreaming the Bull - 2
Dreaming the Hound - 3
Dreaming the Serpent Spear - 4

Lisa See
Snowflower and the Secret Fan
Peony in Love
Shanghai Girls
Dreams of Joy (audio)
China Dolls

Anya Seton
Green Darkness
The Turquoise
Devil Water
The Winthrop Woman

Dan Simmons
A Winter Haunting
Children of the Night
Black Hills
The Abominable

Jane Smiley
Some Luck - Last Hundred years 1
Early Warning - 2
Golden Age - 3
A Thousand Acres
Horse Heaven
The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
Duplicate Keys
Ten Days in the Hills
The Greenlanders
Barn Blind
Private Life

Peter Straub
Wild Animals
Floating Dragon
The Throat
The Hellfire Club
Lost Boy, Lost Girl
A Dark Matter
In the Night Room

Amy Tan
The Bonesetter's Daughter
The Joy Luck Club
The Hundred Secret Senses
Saving Fish from Drowning
The Kitchen God's Wife
The Valley of Amazement
The Opposite of Fate: Memories of a Writing Life

John Updike
The Witches of Eastwick
The Widows of Eastwick
Gertrude and Claudius
In the Beauty of the Lilies

Barry Unsworth
Sacred Hunger - 1
The Quality of Mercy - 2
The Hide
Stone Virgin
Mooncranker's Gift
The Rage of the Vulture
Losing Nelson
The Ruby in Her Navel
The Songs of the Kings
Land of Marvels

Sarah Waters
The Night Watch
The Paying Guests
*Tipping the Velvet

Jules Watson
The Raven Queen (read)
The White Mare - Dalriada Trilogy 1
The Dawn Stag - 2
Song of the North - 3
The Swan Maiden

Edith Wharton
Ethan Fromme
The Age of Innocence
The Mother's Recompense
The Buccaneers
The Reef
The Children
The Glimpses of the Moon
The House of Mirth

Lauren Willig
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation - 1
The Masque of the Black Tulip - 2
The Deception of the Emerald Ring - 3
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose - 4
*The Temptation of the Night Jasmine - 5
The Betrayal of the Blood Lily - 6
The Mischief of the Mistletoe - 7 (read)
*The Orchid Affair - 8
*The Garden Intrigue - 9
*The Passion of the Purple Plumeria - 10
*The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla - 11
*The Lure of the Moonflower - 12
The Ashford Affair
The English Wife

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