Wednesday, October 14, 2009

101 Fantasy Reading Challenge

I've decided to take on Bella's, at A Bibliophile's Bookshelf, 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge.  I'm going to follow her lead and pick 30 books (of which I already own)...15 from the actual 101 and 15 from the rest of the list. 

Addendum:  I'm adding one more book to the latter 15...I recently acquired The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss so I'm adding it to the list.  This brings my total to 31 books!
So here are the rules:

1. Pick the number of books you want to read. It can be a mixture of the top 101, and/or the whole list. For example, you might want to aim to read 5 from the top 101 and 5 from the rest of the list.
2. Create a list of the books you want to tackle. You can create a list now, or add them as you go. Completely up to you.
3. The challenge runs from 10/10/09 to 10/10/10.
4. Please post the direct link to your 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge post. (so that other participants can visit and see what you are reading)

Click on Bella's blog title above to go to the Mr. Linky and sign up.  Be sure to do your post first and then link it there.

Here is the PDF version of the entire list of the 101 of the Best Fantasy Books.

Now, on to my list!

From the top 101:

  1. New Moon--Stephenie Meyer
  2. Eclipse--Stephenie Meyer
  3. Dead Until Dark--Charlaine Harris
  4. Living Dead in Dallas--Charlaine Harris
  5. Club Dead--Charlaine Harris
  6. Stardust--Neil Gaiman
  7. The Graveyard Book--Neil Gaiman
  8. Good Omens--Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
  9. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland--Lewis Carroll
  10. Guilty Pleasures--Laurell K. Hamilton
  11. Beauty--Robin McKinley
  12. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--J.K. Rowling
  13. The Hobbit--J.R.R. Tolkien
  14. A Wrinkle in Time--Madeline L'Engle
  15. Ella Enchanted--Gail Carson Levine
From the rest of the list:

  1. The Sword of Shannara--Terry Brooks
  2. Elfstones of Shannara--Terry Brooks
  3. The Wishsong of Shannara--Terry Brooks
  4. A Song for Arbonne--Guy Gavriel Kay
  5. The Drawing of the Three--Stephen King
  6. A Wizard of Earthsea--Ursual K. Le Guin
  7. Wicked--Gregory Maguire
  8. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister--Gregory Maguire
  9. Daughters of the Forest--Juliet Mariller
  10. Ombria in Shadow--Patricia McKillip
  11. Eragon--Christopher Paolini
  12. The Vampire Armand--Anne Rice
  13. Dragonsbane--Patricia C. Wrede
  14. The Smoke Thief--Shana Abe
  15. Prophecy of the Sisters--Michelle Zink
  16. The Name of the Wind--Patrick Rothfuss
Wish me luck!

Happy Reading!


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  1. Wow! That is quite a challenge. I've read a few of those. Some really good ones in there. Good luck!


  2. Ok, the top 4 of The Rest of the List are fantastic books. The Terry Brooks trilogy are classics of epic fantasy and the Guy Gavriel Kay book is just beautifully written as are most of his books.

    If you end up liking A Song for Arbonne (which I own) you should try The Lions of Al-Rassan, Tigana, and the Finovar Tapestry trilogy.

  3. You've picked some really good books! Also, The Lions of Al-Rassan is one of my favorite books ever.

  4. I have some of these books already read or on my list to read. I have Tigana that Ryan was mentioning here to be read, I just don't know if I will get to it before this year ends or into next year. I have loads of books in mind to read and a large stack going here to read. This sounds like an awesome challenge. I think I am going to take a look at the site and see what the scoop is. I have not done a challenge yet and I feel I may be getting ready to do one.


  5. Good Luck on this!

    and I gave you an award!

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I'm looking forward to this one because I love fantasy and I haven't been reading it as much as I like AND they are all books I a (slowly) sinking TBR iceberg!

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