Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Challenge Announcement

The True Book Addict is proud to announce The Michener Challenge.  I have created a new blog especially for the challenge.  Click here to go to the new blog to learn the details and for sign up.  I hope you will join me in reading the works of this great American author!

Happy Reading!



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  1. I might be joining this as I've been wanting to read Centennial for a long time. I'll think about it!

  2. I'm seriously considering this.

    How many books do we have to read for it? O.K., I know it is *perpetua* and all, so we don't have a set number, but I can't function unless you tell me.

  3. Since his books are SO long, why don't you aim for one book every two months. Does that sound manageable? He has a few that are shorter too, but not very many! That is probably all I will be able to manage...if that...LOL!

  4. How did I miss this! I have read a few Michener books but it has been years since I read the last one.

    Off to scour my library shelves!

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